The Final Round?

Hi everyone I am Hedcog, you’re current commander-in-chief. I decided to re-restart the Third Generation of Dark Warrios. I’ve made some failed attempts in the past, but now I’m serious!!Well let me give you a brief history of myself.

I started playing club penguin in March or April of 07′ I believe. On August 28,2008 I my best friend in real life (Lots Of Pie) introduced me to UT(United Troopers). I stayed with them for a few months then eventually joined WW and UMA. I then started BP (Black Panthers) with Smeeble in February of 09′ and over the summer it became major. I also joined NMA and MW.  So I definitely have experience. I recently retired from all cp armies because of the stress and the fact that I don’t have time for the anymore. But I rejoined only to this army, so I’m putting all my hopes into it! All we need is a decent header, a few recruits, one server, and we are ready to go!



Commander-In-Chief of The Dark Warriors