Invasion of Crunch|Welcome our Leaders!|Dark Warriors Trading Card!

Hello Dark Warriors, It’s time to once again get back in the top. We are going to start by invading a popular server. Crunch, it is going to be our new capital server, so make sure you turn up if possible.

Invasion of Crunch

When: This Friday

Server: Crunch

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 3:00pm EST


This is a short bit, but the new leaders are, Donut67890, Oreo8000, Dolrida (maybe) and Alighf.



Fresh Start

Hello guys, It’s Donut67890 here just to announce some new things to the Dark Warriors, here is a brief summary of what is going to be in this post-

-Introduction from Oreo8000

-Introduction from Dolrida

-Return of Donut67890?

-New Dark Warriors stuff!


-Introduction from Oreo8000,

Hello, I am the new leader of the Dark Warriors, Oreo8000. For the people that don’t know me I am a pretty popular Club Penguin blogger, I was also a former Major General of the Army of Club Penguin. Another one of the armies I joined was the Roman Fire Warriors, they were a great army! Although, I found out about the Golds, then I left CP Armies for a while, when I discovered this army was what the Golds has come too, I was overwhelmed! So, I decided to join a few days ago. Now here I am as your Dark Warrior leader! Thanks for accepting me, and please visit:

I will usually look like this on CP:


-Introduction from Dolrida

Hello Dark Warriors I am Dolrida. My past armies experience is leading the once-mighty Elites of Club Penguin. They were a great army and rose to great strengths, I tried discontinuing them, until I found out they were already in power, so I made my way to the Watex Warriors, but didn’t get very far, so I found myself here. Thank you for accepting me, I look forward to leading this great army!


-The Return of Donut67890

Hello Dark Warriors, it is me once again, I bet you guys are tired of me going back and fourth deciding should I come back or not? Well I am officially coming back to the Dark Warriors, when we reach 10,000 hits, we are already on 9,800 so just keep up the hit’s guys and I will be back in no time.


-New Dark Warriors Stuff!

Okay DW, I have some very cool stuff planned out for this website. For one, instead of having “” we will soon be getting “ or” instead. So, vote for which ones are better. Also, we will be getting improved graphics, ranks, uniforms and maybe our own CSS upgrade. But that’s all to come in the future. Please make sure that you stay loyal to the Dark Warriors, I want no more quitting as we rise again. Heres the first part of our new stuff…


-∂αяк ωαяяισяѕ ℓєα∂єяѕ-

σяєσȣθθθ, ∂σℓяι∂α αη∂ ∂σηυтбלȣףθ

I’m the new hope!

He left.

Hello, I am the new leader of the Dark Warriors, Watex. I would like to thank my friend Donut67890 for accepting me into this army, although I do not know much about this army, I still remember a lot about the Golds. So, I hope we can rise to the top as the Dark Warriors, although sometimes I can get inactive so I will hire another leader aswell.

Dark Warriors Leader, Watex.

In your hands!|The Retirement of Donut67890!

Hello Dark Warriors, ok well recently our leader, Hedcog has quit. Well, we were doing so well, we almost got full chats, until Hedcog lost interest and decided to leave. I’m sorry to say that, when he lost interest I decided this was not something I wanted to continue along. I’m sorry to all of you, but the Dark Warriors are once again “Dead”

If you wish, you can take over the Dark Warriors, but I won’t be giving it away to some random guy, you must have a decent amount of army experience. To apply to take it over, just comment anywhere on the site and include your email!

The Retirement of Donut67890

Well guys, my time has come, I am leaving the Dark Warriors for good. This has been a memorable experience for me, one of the best I have ever had. Now, here is a brief version of my Dark Warriors history.

Well, at the time I was in the Nachos, it was caught in between a Nachos&RFW vs ACP&Golds war. The war suddenly ended, with ACP and Golds being the victors. This led me towards ACP, I tried to join, but I was displeased with my rank, so I went to check out the Golds. When I went onto the Golds chat, I was greeted by strange faces, ones I had never seen before. I joined, got a mod rank, but I wasn’t really that active. Soon, I left again for the Nachos. About a week later I returned, and got active in the Golds. One day, when the Golds were having a poll about, should they become the Dark Warriors. I said “No” due to being unsure about it. Then, I wasn’t online for a few days, when I went back, the Golds had become the Dark Warriors. Somehow along the line I had got promoted to a higher mod rank, along with my friend Drifter had become 4ic of DW. We both worked together up the rankings of DW, eventually Drifter got Leader and I got the highest mod rank. Soon, the Dark Warriors declared war on the Nachos, with an amazing turnout, they defeated the Nachos, I was overwhelmed and I rejoiced. But, I did feel bad for my old Nacho crew. I felt bad, but was also excited, the Dark Warriors had become the 4th biggest army. Sooner or later, the Dark Warriors got a little inactive, with not many exciting events. Then, the Fire Warriors, fresh from a defeat by the Ice Warriors, declared war on the Dark Warriors for 4th place. The Dark Warriors won 2 out of 3 battles with the Fire Warriors. But, soon after that some soldier from the Fire Warriors deleted that Dark Warriors website. Everyone thought it was the end. But, soon enough, it was discovered that the Dark Warriors had split into 2, the Blue Mafia Force and the S.W.A.T, at that time, the S.W.A.T was bigger. Then, I decided to create this website and re-build the Dark Warriors, it was successful the first time, until I became a little inactive, leaving the future of the Dark Warriors with my friends Shallow57 and Orange2444. About a month later, Shallow quit, few days after that Orange disappeared. For a long time the Dark Warriors were left to rot, until once again I took re-making them into my own hands, unfortunately, it didn’t work, so I gave the army to my friends Hedcog and Recoz, which only lasted for a few days. After the latest failure to bring this army back, I am quitting now for good.

For whoever recreates the Dark Warriors, I wish you the best, if you ever need help, I am alway up for contact. If you are doing well and want me to return, I will try my best, but no promises.

Heres a few people I must thank:

Dream: Main leader of the Golds, thanks for teaching me everything. Too bad you left after the Dark Warriors were made 😦

Feephill: Introduced me into the Gold and Dark Warriors, great leader, thank you! 🙂

Elite910: Awesome leader of the Dark Warriors, friendly, awesome. Thanks man! 😀

Drifter: One of the best that the Dark Warriors had to offer, why did those days have to end 😦

Hedcog: Nice try buddy 😉

Recoz9: Well, you could have been a great leader…

Shallow57: Sad you left you were an awesome leader, good luck with your clan! 😀

Orange2444: I know you probably won’t read this, but you were one of my best friends 😦

& the rest: Without you, I would have missed out on a huge part of my career, thank you! 😉

“Long live the Dark Warriors”

“We burn the light”

“The Fright, from the Night”

σпcε α ɔαяκ шαяяıσя, ғσяενεя α ɔαяκ шαяяıσя

∂αяк ωαяяισяѕ ℓєα∂єя αη∂ ℓєgєη∂


We want War!

Okay guys, I talked to a few of you guys about what you want in this army. Well, most of you said war. So, if you want war, you got war. But whom do we declare war on? I want you guys to vote now, who will the Dark Warriors declare war on?





So, all you have to do is name the top 3 armies you want us to declare war on. This can be absolutely anybody, so make sure that you comment wisely. Don’t make us join a war into an army that will absolutely devastate us.

-∂αяк ωαяяισяѕ ℓєα∂єя-


Welcome Back!|Invasion of Frosty

Hello Soldiers, your returned Leader Donut67890 here. Welcome back to the Dark Warriors, this is going to be different because I will not leave for a long time, you have my word on that. So, the Dark Warriors are going to rise to the top again, through my leadership and Hedcog’s leadership. Now, I plan for us to re-invade the former capital of the previous Dark Warriors, Frosty. It has normally been the capital server, and it will be once again.

Invasion of Frosty, Dark Warriors.

When: This Friday

Server: Frosty

Room: Snow Forts (We will continue around servers)

Time: 3:00pm EST

7:00pm UK


-∂αяк ωαяяισяѕ ℓєα∂єя-


Well, Well, Well…..

Hello Dark Warriors, your former leader, Donut67890 here. Now, when I heard Hedcog wanted to bring back the Dark Warriors, I was extremely happy. Very happy that this army still has someone wanting to continue the legendary Dark Warriors. But, now that we have some enthusiasm, I want to ask you. Do you want me to return, along with Hedcog? Leading the Dark Warriors again would be some good news for me, but I want the current members, including Hedcog to decide.

-Former Dark Warriors Leader, Dark Warriors Advisor-