Legends Cup

Riotors: The Dark Warriors will rise. Impress me Dw.

It starts August 2nd O_o. We got a pass to the second round, and we’re the second day. Also, I won’t be here next week, so good luck at the Legends Cup, and when I get back we SHALL GROW!!!



Zayer Edit: Hey, I didn’t feel like making a whole  post, so I’m your 3ic Zayer, and I’m prepared to do what it takes to get  DW to the top 10 AT LEAST 😉

Nots Edit: Nots here, some crap has come up and I can’t make it to the legends’ cup, I’m sorry, I would most certainly come if I was able to.

Hey guys as you may or may not have known we have been invited to compete in the Legends Cup. This is going to be the most epic tournament in the history of CP Warfare tournaments. As of now I don’t think we are quite ready as of now. We were put in the Alpha bracket which I believe is the harder and has better armies in it. We are considered a stronger army so luckily we get a little more time and get to go right to round two.  Our first match will be against the Black Bandits, who i do have much respect for but they aren’t going to sit around they want to move on to the next round as much as we do. I believe this is a good match up A.) We can get just as much troops as they could if we get all of our troops and start recruiting like crazy. B.) They invaded our server Frosty and won. I think that we need to hit them hard and beat them in the tournament then invaded Frosty and reclaim our capital. We are going to start recruiting pretty soon. I will talk to the other leaders about dates and time for our recruiting sessions. We will be recruiting on xat and Club Penguin. Times for the recruiting session should be up fairly soon. More info on the Legends Cup will be up as it arrives. That’s all for now!

Recruiting Session Info:

Friday, July 30,2010

Where: Sherbert, Town also we may recruit on a Xat chat


3 p.m EST

2 p.m. CST

1 p.m. MST

8 p.m. UK

Comment if you can make it! (We may get some stamps after if you guys really want to)




I’m Back!

Hurricanex1 here with the punishment,

Nots edit: Hurricane, you cannot demote me. My computer was broken, that doesn’t mean I gave up, retard. You’re going to fail. Whats Up Dark Warriors, I see a lot of you guys have given up huh. Well, I’m about to come back and lay down some new stuff. Well, only leaders will be are me and Phipy. Now, Nots and Motox your now 2ics.I will be returning soon and fast, and I promise were not dying without reaching Top Five.O and btw about this gay Blue junk, we will be returning to normal Black (UN).

-The Punishment


Last Chance…

Okay, to be very brief and honest, I’m sick of this. First, I make an army, make it big, and a possible top 10 army. Then, I leave to fulfill the other things I want to do with my career, but what prevents me from doing that, is the army falls as soon as I leave. It’s not that I don’t like the army… It’s just there are so many other things I want to do before I retire. Now, let’s put this up to poll, If this goes through it will be my last reign, if it doesn’t then this will be the last you hear of me.

Notice for the other Leaders

Edit: I’m back and ready to be active.  Just needed to make a quick post because my laptop’s having some issues, and I can’t get on it, so I might not be active for a FEW days. I might be able to get on this one some until my dad fixes mine. Again, I MIGHT only be inactive for a FEW days! Who knows, I might not even be inactive at all. Don’t start thinking I’ve left for good. 

– ||ησтѕ|| ∂αяк ℓσя∂ σƒ DW 

Nots I hope you don’t mind me adding on to your post, but I didn’t find it necessary to make another post. I’m just letting you guys know that I will probably inactive this weekend due to the fact that I’m going to Washington D.C. While I’m there I will try to use my laptop to visit, but I can’t make any promises. 


A Lost Battle

Yes, we lost the PB with IMAF. Don’t let that one loss get your hopes down, it was only a PB, not a real battle. I am disappointed in those of you who didn’t show up. Today just wasn’t our day. There will be more battles to win, and more battles to lose. No one wins all the time, not even ACP. I do expect much more people on chat at the next battle. Don’t disappoint me and the other leaders, guys.

-Nots, Dark Lord of DW

Active Count

Since alot of you don’t seem to put any effort into DW, we’re having an active count.

You have ONE WEEK to comment on the active count. If you have not commented in one week, you will be deleted from ranks.

I’ll be very disappointed in those that do not comment. Start showing your loyalty to the army, guys.

1. Penguin username

2. DW rank

3. Active scale: 1-10

I want 20 comments AT THE MOST.

Stopping by…

Well, It’s been a while from I have been here, but I’m glad to see some people are still continuing the legendary Dark Warriors. Although, looking through some recent posts, you guys have been falling, after doing so well. I hope you guys find a solution to this, and I’m proud of each and every one of you who are continuing this army. I might return sometime in the near future, but for now I have to continue on with life… Good luck DW!