The Tides of War.

Donut here,

Okay, so I was caught up in a conversation with Billy Mays today, no, not the dead guy who used to sell oxi clean, I’m talking about the guy who was recently re-instated as Nachos Leader, now, he asked if the Dark Warriors wanted us to enter their alliance to take down the Night Warriors. Well, I didn’t want to make the decision by myself, so it’s up too you guys, do you guys want to have a war with the Night Warriors? Now, I’m not saying this is going to be an easy War, but this is the likelihood of the teams…

Team 1- DW, ACP, Nachos, UMA

Team 2- NW, RFW

It looks like this could be all that’s happening in this war, but what do you think, please vote on the poll below:

Now, if this poll goes through, we will go to war, if not, we will find another force to compare mights with, for now, enjoy a healthy dose of DW Epicness. Also, don’t forget about our PB with WW, details are below.

Emile .AKA. Donut



Practice Battle with Watex Warriors

Donut Here,

We are going to have a PB with WW, this is going to be our first real event from the fall. It’s time to get back into shape, and with WW’s current situation, they shouldn’t be too hard to beat, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. This won’t be the first time we have defeated the Watex Warriors, so let’s do it again. Also, I don’t want to see any bad comment or nonsense like that, this is a friendly battle, no hate intended.


When: This Saturday

Where: DW Chat & CP

Server: Outback

Room: Snow Forts

Time: 4:30pm EST


I expect full attendance, let’s show ’em how it’s done.

Emile .AKA. Donut

-Current DW LEADER-

Zhe Return!

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Am I Welcome Back?

Well, am I?

After careful consideration, I have chosen to return to the Dark Warriors. This has been one of my favorite armies that I’ve joined, and I feel the need to rejoin. This time, I promise to make an effort to help you all, and to help DW rise.

So, am I welcome back? Comment what you think.



Hey guys. You guys probably thought i fell off the face of the Earth or something since I’ve been gone so long. xD Well I’ve been super busy with balancing school, wrestling, and field hockey. I missed everyone in the army and hopefully were doing better off than when i left. As of now I am still visiting, but I expect to be back by the middle/October maybe beginning of November if I my team makes it to districts. I’m going to try to visit as often as possible. Keep up all the hard work guys.

~Dark Warriors Till The End~


Checking In

Hey guys, Nots here. DW doing okay? I’m just checking in, wanted to make sure that one of my favorite armies is still up and running. I see you guys have been having some events. I was too lazy to read all of the posts, though. xD Comment and tell me if you guys are doing okay. *chew* Btw, nice new graphics on the site, they look good.

Well, if you guys need anything, I’ll usually be on . See you guys around!

P.S. Where’s Phipy been?

P.S.S. There’s a join comment awaiting moderation.

-Nots, Retired Dark Warriors Leader


Moto:Mon and Tues epic fail.

Hello Dark Warriors. Well, I have pretty much a big plan to get this army back on it’s feet. We don’t have many lower soldiers left, so let’s basically start from scratch. First, the army must establish it’s base, in other words, we need to get recruiting. Yes, we may have been having major set-backs, but this will not stop the Dark Warriors from rising again.


When: Saturday-Tuesday

Where: DW Chat & CP

Server: Outback

Room: Town

Time: 3:00pm EST

-Comment if you can make these, Sat-Tues. It will count towards Promotions-

-Dark Warriors Advisor-