Are You Ready?

Moto: Keep post sticky and ignore commenting about ranks  on Nitro’s post because he did basically the same thing as me.

Hello, it’s Moto and right now we are suppose to have around 18 active.I have been expecting you guys to show up on chat, but here’s the thing.Most of you are lazy to get on and you don’t care what happens to us.I wanted to get DW back into the top 10, but none of you except for me and the other leaders would care that we were dead.We were once a proud, strong army, right now were nothing.If you want to bring DW to the top and not end our legacy, I need you to comment here.

1.CP Username?


3.Activeness (1-10)?

4.Will you get on chat at least 3 times a week?

I need you to comment so I know you will start getting on chat without me asking.Remember what Donut said, this is the month of horror.The time darkness thrives.We will recruit on chats for a week.Then on the week of the Halloween party, we will be on CP.We are the Dark Warriors, the fright of the night, be ready to commit.

~Motoxjohn, DW Dark Lord


The Time has Come!

Moto:Also, I have reset the ranks and put the people ik who didnt comment, but are active at a higher rank that they deserved.

Moto:Recruiting should start on cp the week of the halloween party, but we will get some from chats if we can.

Donut here,

Well, it’s that month where horror is born, where creatures of Darkness will thrive, all summed up in one word “Halloween” now, the perfect opportunity for recruiting. Over the next few days, we will get a Halloween based site, along with a lot more cool stuff. But most of all, it’s time for the Dark Warriors to take advantage of this great time of month. Halloween is where the darkness will thrive. It’s time to get started DW.

The ranks, and everyone on them will be deleted, anyone wishing to join will comment in this format:


Former Rank:


What Has Happened?

Nots here,

What has happened to DW? Are we lazy? Busy? I’d like us all to comment on this post saying why we’ve been so inactive.

Have I been active? No, I have not. But that’s going to change very soon. I’ve neglated DW, and just about everyone has but Donut and Moto. I’m ready to step up to the plate and help.

Why have I been inactive? I’ve been inactive because I’m simply lazy. That’s it. I’m lazy. All there is to it. I think just about everyone else is, too. Well, the laziness must come to an end. Today. Make a promise to yourself. A commitment. Commit yourself to DW.  Promise youself to stop being lazy. Tomorrow, we should have a nearly full or atleast half full chat…

I am ready to make the commitment. The only question is, are you?

-Nots: Proud Dark Warriors 2ic

Active Count/Resetting Ranks.

Skloop: You all probably saw this coming, but I can’t be in DW anymore. I’m very busy elsewhere. I’m recovering CPA Central from the huge hack that left us with nothing. Also, GT is dying, but most importantly, I need to focus on my career in ACP. Since I joined them March 1st of last year, I’ve always wanted to hold a position of power. Now, I’m Co-Leader of their boot camp, and 1st General of the Echo Division, and I’m on the cusp of getting 3ic. So I’m sorry, I’ll be around, but just not here.

This is my goodbye and resignation, good luck to you all.

Donut here,

Well, there really is no point to having ranks full of inactive people, so it’s time to clear ’em out. If you do not comment on this post before Monday, you will likely not get your rank back, no matter where you were.


Activeness: (scale 1-10)



If you are interested in applying for a high owner/mod position, please comment on this post, giving reasons why you should be chosen, and what you plan to do if you get the position.

Taking a Trip

I’m sorry, guys. D: I won’t be able to come to the PB, but I hope you guys do well. Having some… Family problems… I’ll be gone, tomorrow, but rest assured, I’ll be back late at night, probably.