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Hello DW!

I believe, reviewing the chat rules, the simple routine that must be followed sometimes a week and the listening will make sure all DW troops does the right thing, each day.

Reviewing the Chat Rules

All chat rules MUST be followed. I’ve seen many troops swearing, smiley spamming, bullying, etc. In this instance, swearing is the main problem. The swearing needs to stop. The swearing on chat causes younger troops in DW to even quit/leave, get grounded by their parents, etc.

Therefore, any troop who swears on chat will be banned. No exceptions. This REALLY needs to end.

The Chat Rules

  1. No swearing.
  2. No inappropriate links.
  3. No asking to be a moderator or an owner.
  4. No spamming.
  5. No religious or racism conversations.

Rules for Moderators and Owners

  1. If someone is banned, do not un-ban them. I myself, seen this happen a lot of times. That is why I put on gcontrol, due to this. Only main owners can unban.
  2. Do NOT abuse your moderator or owner powers. This will result into a demotion[most likely].
  3. Leaders must also follow these rules.

Simple Routine

All DW troops are expected to follow this simple routine, so that DW could keep rising!

  • Be on DW chat, when your on Xat.
  • Follow the DW-will-Rise project. Which can be found here. [Private chat me on chat for post password]
  • If there is a full chat, get on Club Penguin and recruit.
  • Be active.


All DW troops are expected to listen to the leader’s orders on DW chat. That is why you troops, have to get on chat during a battle. You must focus on Club Penguin and on chat. Do NOT start side conversations or be in one, during an event. If side conversations are made, we’ll start gagging everyone on chat. Listening is one of most preeminent here in DW.

Wearing Uniform in Battle

Okay, this is so simple. Just simply wear our uniform, have the color black on. We don’t want any colors on except for Black. Because our uniform is black.

Black color.

Our uniform.

Commenting Policy

Commenting on posts is important. It shows us that you go on the site, to look for events. Here in DW, we have a policy. The policy goes as follows:

If you don’t comment and you don’t come to the event specified, this will most likely result into a probation.

If you do comment saying that you can come and you don’t come, this will most likely result into a probation.

If you comment saying that you can’t come, you must provide a legitimate reason for why not.

Promotion Days

Promotion days are released at the end of each month. Please don’t ask the leaders to make Promotion Day earlier. Months like December, promotion days are earlier due to the winter holidays.

Demotions Days

Demotions days are released every 2 weeks. Possibly earlier or later than 2 weeks.


The Recruiting Project

Dark Warriors, 2011, is the year where we show what is the best for us. Recruiting is the solution. This recruiting project could really help us a lot, DW. We need you, troops. The road to prosperity is the road we’ll go through. C’mon DW, we can do this.

This project will take in effect from Jan. 10 through  Jan.26

Date: January 10th – January 26


6PM Eastern Standard Time

5PM Central Standard Time

4PM Mountain Standard Time

3PM Pacific Standard Time

Server: Frosty or Jack Frost.

United Kingdom Recruiting

Date: January 10th – January 26


6PM United Kingdom

Server: Belly Slide or Sherbert.


Is Government really necessary for DW?

Vote now on this poll:

That is all for now,


DW Dark Lord




All Dark Warriors must be at these battles. Why?


If you don’t come to any, demotion.

If you do come to both, promotion.

Be there! C’mon DW! Lets win this.


When: January 8th, Saturday

Where: Flurry (Start at Town)


10:00 Penguin Standard Time

11:00 Mountain Standard Time

12:00 Central Standard Time

1:00 Eastern Standard Time

6:00 United Kingdom


Reason: If UMA is going to invade, we’ll invade BACK!


When: January 8th, Saturday

Where: Mittens (Start at Town)


11:00 Penguin Standard Time

12:00 Mountain Standard Time

1:00 Central Standard Time

2:00 Eastern Standard Time

7:00 United Kingdom


All Dark Warriors get ready, time to pwn some UMA ASS!



Active Count for Members Only.

All DW member ranks must comment on this post, or you’ll be removed from ranks. We need to know how many member ranks are active in DW.

Answer these questions in a comment:

  • Club Penguin Username?
  • DW rank?
  • From a scale of 1-10, how active are you?


DW Dark Lord

Mittens is now a DW server.

Bid Now: We recently had an unscheduled practice battle with AR and Bri judged. Heres what she said

Congratulations DW :mrgreen: Expect more unscheduled events soon.

Hello DW!

Mittens is now an official DW server, since the UMA gave up before the battle even started O.o . We had high numbers on Club Penguin, 25-30 troops were there. I blame Berat, for declaring war on 3 armies. Mittens will be shared with between DW and GT(Golden Troops).




The defence of Sherbert is called off.

Good job for those who came!


DW Dark Lord

Dark Warriors, Welcome to 2011!


As you know, in a few days we will be standing here on a new year, 2011. Not only will it be the beginning of a new year for the Dark Warriors, it will be one with greatness and prosperity of our Empire. The Dark Warriors will be a force to be reckoned with come 2011, we are currently growing everyday, with you great selection of leaders, to the soldiers who are strong and create the main base of the army we can do it together. Although I have appeared to rot away into the darkness as the Dark Warriors of yesterday, I’ll still be around, supporting the Dark Warriors on every step of the way. All the information I’ll provide you with will be to help you, and to encourage you. I’ll be acting as your current Advisor. Although this year was filled with ups and downs, we’d like to share our thanks, with those who made us what we are today, so through this entire year, these are the people who we would like to thank, for the commitment, loyalty and service to the Dark Warriors.

TheKid: A great leader, he led alongside me to bring the Dark Warriors to a rise, just before the Summer of this year, our generation was great, and we defeated many armies ourselves, and knocked a few out of the top 10. We must thank TheKid for making this possible.

Nic: Although he didn’t do as much this year as he did the year before, I’d like to thank Nic for being the Advising hand of the Dark Warriors, without him we would all not be gathered together today.

Elite 910: He has been helping us and guiding us the whole way through this year, and came back just to watch us rise again. We thank him for his support, and for of course, creating us. 😉

SaW: Last but not least, SaW, the guy who managed to appear just at the right moment. Just before he had arrived, me and Moto were discussing the future of DW, because we could no longer handle it alone, it was after this that conveniently SaW appeared, took over and brought back DW.

Well, that’s about most of the Legends I’ve needed to cover, so once again if you see any of them you don’t see too often, you should be thanking them for making the army as good as it is today.

So, I hope you are looking forward to 2011 as much as I am, and God I hope it’s our best year yet, I’m sure everyone would agree, but we won’t just suddenly rise up there guys, you need to make it happen, I’m sure you will all know how to do that, and I’ll be watching you guys. This will be my last post of 2010, and I’ll end it off, with a “bang”. Enjoy. 😉

I’m sure 2011 will be great for us.

Jack’s Raffle

Okay, this is a new thing I’m going to be posting on websites that I’m on, I’ll be giving you the chance to win stuff. All you have to do is answer the question below correctly in a comment, and I will name my chosen winning in my next post.

Q: What is this from?


– Xat Powers.

– Collectors Edition of Fable III.

– Call of Duty: Black Ops 15th Prestige account.

(Prizes chosen by me.)


So, have a nice 2010, and get ready for a beautiful 2011.

(On a little note, this post is 588 words long.)

A Dark Warriors Advisor.


WW Cease Fire

Well I expected SaW to post this last night but he didn’t. Well last night SaW and me spoke to the WW leaders about who won the servers. We won Snowbound and they had (technically) won Wool Socks.  I suggested that we should trade servers back and all leaders agreed. Here were the results of the meeting;

:arrow:We are no longer at war with WW

:arrow:WW gets SnowBound

:arrow:DW gets Wool Socks

:arrow:No more wars between DW and WW

So we are no longer at war with WW but still at war with the UMA. Remember to come to those events. :mrgreen:

~Bid Now

Dark Warriors 4th In Command

New GFX Making

Hey its Jake just going tell y’all that I’m planning on making a GFX thing for DW. Myself, Tornado(bid), Crash, Alb, Zero and Motoxjohn will be receiving payments for making gfx.

Also, comment if you want a picture made or something else.