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Recruiting and Training Session

Well DW, needless to say after the Invasion of Ice Box, I admit we don’t really need a training or recruiting session. I’m just scheduling this instead of the battles we had planned for the war vs UMA which is now over.Even though it is just a Training/Recruiting Session, I STILL WANT ALL AVAILABLE DW TO ATTEND THIS EVENT!




January 15th, 2010


Ice Box



4PM Eastern

3PM Central

2PM Mountain

1PM Pacific

8PM United Kingdom


~DW Dark Lord~


War is Won.

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Hits Party??

After this war with UMA is finished maybe we could have a party to celebrate 40K hits? Heres some thing we can do :mrgreen:

The event will probaly be celebrated at 40,000 hits or more. Keep up the good work and make sure you come to the Defence of Ice Box on Thursday. Get voting. 🙂

~Bid Now

DW Grand Rep & 3rd In Command

Mittens is successfully defended.

Hello DW!

You guys did a marvelous job on Mittens. I’m very impressed with you guys throughout the battlefield. We aught UMA, a lesson. The Dark Warriors have successfully defended the server, Mittens.

Btw, all the rooms that UMA claimed, were reclaimed by us. They logged off on the room Ice Berg, while we were reclaiming rooms.

Dark Warriors successfully defended the following rooms:

Town (Defended) (And reclaimed)

Dock (Defended)

Beach (Defended)

Ski Village (Defended)

Plaza (Defended)(And reclaimed)

Snow Forts (Reclaimed)

Forest (Defended)

Cove (Defended)


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DW Youtube Channel

The Dark Warriors now have a new Youtube Channel. It will have videos of us in an event, advertising the army or us at an unscheduled event. Check it out here

Sorry that this was such a short post. Its just a small update. :mrgreen:

~Bid Now

DW Grand Rep & 3rd In Command

Message to Seth

SAS is better. Now go sweat because you aren’t a good leader. kthnxbai. =D

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