PB with AR(Army Republic)

Hello Dark Warriors.

We will be have a PB with AR next Thursday May 5, 2011.  Yes, we haven’t had many tactic or recruiting sessions, or events in general in awhile. Hopefully this event will show us what we need to work on as an army and our size. We may have unscheduled tactic and recruiting sessions throughout the week, for extra practice before the PB. This is our first step to getting back into the Top 10 where we belong. I believe the two armies are fairly even in size, hopefully allowing for a good PB. Hope to see everyone one there. Lets win this one! Time will be posted below and are subjected to change.

PB with AR

When: Thursday, May 5th

Where: Frosty






10 PM UK

Comment if you can make it!



Hey guy’s,right now in this post it would be about the next bootcamp for the dw we are doing.If you do want to join,you have to comment at the bottom telling your  *cp user name*xat name*Rank*And tell if your willing to be active.

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Vote For Your New 3ic

News For The Dw

Howdy,It’s Alb.As I tell you im the new grand rep,and the new 2ic of the dw.In this topic;New upgrade’s. There’s gonna be More event’s,promo’s,and rule’s.

We are a little bit over construction from the hacking problems about the site,and choice’s of what to do about dw.Another thing guy’s.We might start a new boot camp.Also,as most of you i guess;remembered that Dw fell hard,Well what  had seen,we are getting back from what i have seen,The reason i want boot camp and few of you do,is that we could get 1 or 2 almost every day at boot camp,we can tell them where to search us up.

Guy’s we will have more game night’s,or activities for you guys but stay active or you wont be in it.

Remember you wont want to miss the new stuff for the dw


                                                  ~Alb dw 2ic.

The return of ACID || Circa

It looks like ACID are back.

The infamous hacking/trolling clan

The leaders are SaW, Circa, Dream and Brooklyn.

SaW hates Debbie. I don’t know why.

Circa hates me. I know why.

I cant be asked for them anymore.

I just want each other to leave us alone.



Look Circa.

I don’t want each other to fight/flame at all. I just want each other to put this all behind us. Get on with our lives and do what we wanna do. I know what your aims are in ACID along with SaW. To fuck with me and Debbie but if you want to be a man about it then just leave DW alone. Hell I’d like to join ACID again just like the past. :P Good times I had there. Also why’d you reset the chat :| Just put this behind each other and act like men ok?

Operation: Restore!

Hello Dark Warriors.

As you probably know, things aren’t going to great amongst us here right now. We’re losing our powerful strength that we once had, it seemed like only yesterday we were 2nd in the top 10. However, things seemed to have changed, ever since a mix up of events and turn arounds this has been one hell of a mess. I’m not blaming anyone on their own, everyone contributed to this. You kicked down our morale and now look what we’ve become. But today, I’m going to do what I do best and restore the Dark Warriors Army, and I’ll also be making a few changes which must be carried out from here forward. These are emergency plans which were going to be used as a crisis, each was approved by the high DW council to inact when it got to a point like this. So, here are a few of the following changes which are being made.

Change no.1: The Dark Warriors website is going to be completely re-done, with new graphics, css, domain etc. The head of this operation will be myself, anyone who wishes to contribute please PC me when you get the chance.

Change no.2: The Dark Warriors are hereby now a Dictatorship. This will be reversed if things improve, but for now this will stay as the Dark Warriors government, no exceptions.

Change no.3: Every soldier is required to be on chat everyday. No laziness or you’ll be automatically fired. This means owner ranks also.

To be continued?

We had more, but we’ll just go with these for now, if they don’t make a difference then I’ll put the other plans into action.


My Official Retirement / Mindy/Rob’s Purple

I decided to edit in some things which made me look bad with the truth. You have told a helluva lot of white lies in this post and I for one, am not to blame completely for your removal. As I said before, it wasn’t my idea to kick you out in the first place.

The hierarchy of power in the Dark Warriors

  1. Representatives when they ALL agree on a topic
  2. Leader/Main Leader
  3. Manager/Overlord

You had no right to appoint yourself a leader without consulting me first. Another reason why people saw you power hungry.

Hello Dark Warrior Troops,

Today, I was exposed to what the Dark Warriors army really thinks of me. You see, I can’t help out an army without being deemed “power hungry”. I was told today by Bid that everyone wanted me out of the Dark Warriors, and that they view they can do better without me. So what am I doing? I am fulfilling your guy’s request. I will retire once and for-all. I will leave the Dark Warriors, I won’t be apart of it in ANY single way possible. Apparently, the representatives of the Dark Warriors all got together on rep chat and decided to talk crap about me, instituting that I was power hungry and how the Dark Warriors are bad because of me and all of this crap. Let me ask you guys a question. Do you know how hard it is to lead an army after such a tragic thing happened with Saw? When Saw unexpectedly left us, I decided to man up and take the responsibility for you guys, a tough task for any one to do. I did realize that in no way would I bring the Dark Warriors back to how Saw lead us, but it was my demeanor to make sure we did not fall. Sure, we were knocked out of the Top 10, but we still got 25 – 30 people on chat. So to the people who thought I was ruining the Dark Warriors, you guys wouldn’t even be here right now if I did not decide to take responsibility for Saw’s retirement. What would happen had I not decided to man up and lead for Saw, is some noobs with no experience would be in charge, and the Dark Warriors would completely suck and everyone would leave and those noob leaders would merge the army into another noob army and completely ruin the Dark Warriors.  So if you hadn’t stepped up we would have died/merged. First of all, we could of handled it. Freezie and Debbie may not have as much experience leading an army as you but that doesn’t make them noobs. They were fit for the job and I guided Debbie as she lead us against the UMA. Jack was at helping hand too.So please, appreciate what I did for you guys as opposed to betraying me like this.

Now to the people who thought I was power hungry. You guys think I’m power hungry because I was upset when Jack made that chat. Here is the real reason why I was upset. I made a post a while back saying that I (note I) will be buying a new chat for the Dark Warriors army. The reasons why I (note I, again) will be purchasing the new chat is because “” is too long of a name and Motox has email priorities to that chat. So when Jack made that new chat, I was upset because it was another chat with a long name, not because “I wasn’t a main owner”. When I made that new rank, “manager”, it wasn’t me being power hungry either. I wanted to find a way to still contribute to the Dark Warriors army without being a leader. My activity was depreciating, but I wanted to still help you guys out and contribute. THAT is why I made the rank “manager”. Not because I was power hungry. And not to insult Jack because I love that guy, but why do you guys think I am power hungry and you leave Jack alone? Jack is rarely on chat and I contribute A LOT more than he does, yet he still finds a way to be main on chat and admin on site. So you guys don’t call him power hungry? It’s funny too, because when I asked Bid that question, he came up with a lame excuse saying “Jack is more loved than you.” Pathetic, that is absolutely pathetic.

No I didn’t respond with that. I responded with “Jack is responsible for bringing back this generation, surviving a very severe hack, he owns the site and is generally more liked/loved than you”

Also, when I came back from manager to lead in place of Freezie, that wasn’t me being power hungry either. THAT WAS ME BEING A GOOD FRIEND. Freezie was scared of getting hacked by Saw, so I told him that he can come back whenever he wants and I’ll give him back his leader position. Why did I appoint myself to take his spot? Simple, because I’m the only person that would give Freezie his spot back. If I chose someone else, once Freezie would came back, they would argue about who gets to keep the position. So again, me appointing myself to replace Freezie was me being a good friend, not me being power hungry. So to whoever thought I was power hungry, I hope you feel like utter sh**.


So today, Mindy and Bid decided to rebel and take all DW troops to Mindy’s old historical chat room ( Why did they do this? Because I made Rob a Main Owner for 5 minutes so he could fix the bottom because it was laggy and some of it was being cut off. Why couldn’t I fix it myself? I didn’t know how to and Rob told me he did. So I gave him chat password, and he fixed it for me. But he also started harassing Mindy by booting her out of the chat room to another chat room. When I asked why everyone rebelled, Bid replied to me saying “Because you took Mindy’s purple”. Actually I said “F*cking with one of the most popular troops in DW isn’t exactly good for the army is it?” No, Bid. No. I didn’t take her purple. About 2 months ago, Rob told me he got his purple back from Mindy. I asked him if I could borrow it for a little, and he agreed. I even asked him, “Wait, this isn’t Mindy’s right? Because I don’t want to take it if it’s hers.” He told me that he scammed all the xats that were paid for the Purple, so I thought it would be appropriate for Rob to let me borrow the Purple. A day after he let me borrow it, he left chat for 2 months. Me not knowing where he went, I decided to borrow it for a little longer until he came back. Mindy was upset because I was using it, so I told her “Okay, get Rob on and I will give it back to him and you settle with him about it, not me. Because the purple isn’t mine and I am just the middle man.” She did not get Rob on, so for another week, I still was borrowing the purple. Then one day, Mindy got really upset and we both got into a fight regarding the Purple. Words were exchanged to one another, and I told her, “Mindy, I will send Rob a message on Xbox Live telling him to get on so he can settle it with you.” I even included my cell phone number in that message in case when he got on I wasn’t on so he could send me a text telling me to get on. That is how much I wanted all of this to end. Rob came on about 2 hours later, and I gave the Purple back to him thinking he would settle with Mindy. He did not settle it with her, and they got in a fight. The reason why I wanted to give the purple back to Rob was because Mindy has a problem with her xat account and she has reserve set up so in order for her to transfer the Purple back it has to be balanced with another rare, and that other rare you balance it with can not be received back unless you transfer it with ANOTHER rare. So I said, until you get your reserve stuff fixed or you make a new account, I will be giving it to Rob because there’s no way to give it back if I give it to you. This is why I didn’t give it to Mindy. It’s not because I hate her or anything, actually she’s still one of my close friends even though she hates me, it was because of Mindy’s reserve problems. So guys, I never took Mindy’s purple. I borrowed it, and gave it back to Rob so she could settle with him. Little did I know that they did not end up settling and she never was able to get it back.


So in honor of Bid’s an many other Dark Warriors request, I am officially retiring once and for-all, because Bid and those other Dark Warriors view that the Dark Warriors Army will be better without me. I’m truly sorry it had to come to this, I really am. I didn’t know this was what you guys viewed me as. I didn’t know me trying to help out an army in need was considered being “power hungry”. I did not take Mindy’s purple, I borrowed it for a little, and I gave it back to Rob so they could settle, but they never ended up settling. Dark Warriors, I still love you guys. I share so many memories with you guys that I will never forget. It was the biggest honor leading you guys, and I’m so sorry it had to come to this. I will miss you.

And now a list to my closest friends on here.

Mindy – I’m sorry it came down to this. You were one of my best friends on here, and I still view you a close friend even though you hate me.

Saw – I learned so much from you man. You were arguably one of the Dark Warriors best leaders, and I hope one day you can come back to lead these guys. Sorry for the big confusion on the hacking of the site. Thanks for everything you taught me.

Jack – It was an honor leading with you in the Dynasty me you and Saw created. We were literally unstoppable, and you became a close friend on here.

Bid – I don’t know what to say quite honestly. I mean I wouldn’t expect to be backstabbed by someone I appointed to become leader. I viewed you as a friend, guess I was wrong.

Khimo – Dude, I love you. I’ve known you for like only 4 months but you’ve became such a close friend to me. Stay in touch.

Debbie – Another close friend to me. Although you and many others viewed me as power hungry, you are still one of my closest friends on here. Thanks for all the advice you gave me regarding powers and whether I should buy them or not.

Dream – You’re a true homie. I love you dude, you’re like my best friend on here. Keep in touch homie.

To all other troops not mentioned – Sorry I didn’t get to you, this list was only for my closest friends. But to all other troops, thanks for being a Dark Warrior and a friend, I loved leading you guys.



Former Leader of the Dark Warriors Army