Active Count

Inferno Edit: Sorry guys for not being active the past few days, I am coming back strong and I have seen the pictures from the recruits, and I say,”That’s the old DW back in action”

As you all know, Nitro aka Daytonawheeler decided to shut down his site after he retired, which resulted in me making this new one. Now, I need to see how many people are awar this is our new site, so we’re going to have an active count. Simply fill out the following form in a comment/reply.

1. What is your Club Penguin Username?

2. What is/was your rank in DW?

3. How active are you (on a scale from 1-10)?

4. What Time Zone do you live in?

Once I’ve seen how many active troops we have, I’ll know what Phipy and I have to work with as leader.

Also, comment if you can come to our Training Session on Sunday (click here)