I’ve given it some thought, and I’ve realised, we didn’t really ask you, the Dark Warriors, for your opinion. CircA and I just made this decision without asking most of you.

To be DW, or not to be. That is the question.

Wether we will change to the Golds or stay DW is your choice. Both armies have a lot of history. Not even I know what I want, so I’m entrusting the DW army to make the choice for me.

Leave a comment with your opinion. Golds or DW.

Choose wisely, as the results of this poll will be the final decision.

To CircA: I know you really want to change to Golds, but we can’t do it without the soldier’s opinions. If we do stay DW, we can find some other way to get a domain and CSS on this site.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Try no to spend too much time with CP Armies today. I hope you guys have a great time with family and eat a lot of turkey! And if you are a vegetarian I hope your veggie food is just as tasty! Thanks for being a soldier of the Dark Warriors we appreciate it!

~Phipy, Khimo, and Circa

DW Leaders

Successful Invasion of Slippers

Khimo: As some of you may have heard, DW is changing back to Golds. The Golds site ( is still under construction, but when it is done we will notify you. Also, DCP. Raiding your event isn’t what I would call a “unexpected PB“.Besides, if it was a unpopulated server, not Christmas, you would have gotten around 5 =3

Hey Dark Warriors!

Today, we successfully invaded the server Slippers from the DCP. About 20 minutes before the battle, Stars, a SWAT leader, came to DW chat saying that SWAT owned Slippers. What Star failed to do was to warn DCP about the invasion. So we invaded Slippers from DCP, not SWAT. The invasion was fairly short, because DCP did not show up. DCP, please take Slippers off of your servers list.

Here are some pictures of the invasion.


DW Leader

Regarding The Anti Hacking Bill..

Hello Dark Warriors and anyone else who is reading this.

Recently, I took a look at the version two Anti-Hacking Bill, created by Shab and others.

Let me just start off by saying this;

The Dark Warriors, the number 2 army in Club Penguin, WILL NOT sign the v2 Anti-Hacking Bill until SaW’s banishment is revoked. SaW is a DW Legend. He is the reason why we used to get 50+ at events. Hell, he even created the generation we are in right now. Signing this Anti-Hacking Bill with his name on the list of banished leaders is not only a stab in the back to our former leader, but it’s just total bull crap. This thing is hypocrisy. Boomer was in the same “hacking group” that SaW was in. Why wasn’t he banished?

That is all for now.


DW Leader




Hello DW.

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Christmas Chaos

I do not know if you guys have checked out CPAC lately. If you have not no worries, but I just wanted to inform you of some events that are going on. Right now there is an ongoing debate on the revised version of the Anti-Hacking Bill. You can see Circa voicing his opinion in an earlier post, but you can check out the bill for yourself by going through CPAC page. Secondly Khimo accepted CPAC’s invitation for DW to join the “Christmas Chaos”(CC) Tournament. DW has not really participated in any of CPAC’s recently and it will be interesting becoming involved once again. Our numbers have started to diminish, but we have plenty of time to get our numbers up and show everyone out there that the Dark Warriors are a force to be reckoned with. The last time I checked we were #2 in the top 10 and ACP seems to choke in tournament, and I think this is the perfect opportunity to prove that we are the #1 army in Club Penguin Warfare. So lets start recruiting and perfecting our tactics! Get excited!

Below is some information that was taken from CPAC’s site, in regard of the tournament.

  • Nachos vs CP Crew
  • Nation of Domination vs Army Republic
  • Army of CP vs Fort Ghost Recon
  • Sky Troops vs Underground Mafia Army
  • Light Troops vs CP Flyers
  • Night Warriors vs Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Water Raiders vs Ice Warriors
  • Water vikings vs Doritos
  • Dark Warriors vs Ninja Freedom Force
  • Ninjas vs Sun Troops
  • Metal Warriors vs Cowboys
  • Golden Warriors vs Rebel Penguin Federation

Here is how we plan to have the tournament to work:

  • 18th December: Green Band and Half of the Red Band (6 battles)
  • 19th December: Half of the Red Band and Blue Band (6 battles)
  • 20th December: Break (0 battles)
  • 21st December: Green Band (2 battles)
  • 22nd December: Red Band (2 battles)
  • 23rd December: Blue Band (2 battles)
  • 24th December: Break (0 battles)
  • 25th December: Break (0 battles)
  • 26th December: Break (0 battles)
  • 27th December: Green and Red Band (2 battles)
  • 28th December: Blue Band (1 battle)
  • 29th December: Break (0 battles)
  • 30th December: Final (1 battle)

As all the armies on the tournament list haven’t accepted or declined yet, I need to know if you actually want to be in this tournament. This is a huge tournament and I hope you all accept.

  • Nachos – Pending
  • CP Crew – Pending
  • Nation Of Domination – Pending
  • Army Republic – Pending
  • Army of CP – Pending
  • Fort Ghost Recon – Pending
  • Sky Troops – Pending
  • Underground Mafia Army – Pending
  • Light Troops – Accepted!
  • CP Flyers – Pending
  • Night Warriors – Pending
  • Special Weapons and Tactics – Pending
  • Water Raiders – Pending
  • Ice Warriors -Pending
  • Water Vikings – Accepted!
  • Doritos – Pending
  • Dark Warriors – Accepted!
  • Ninja Freedom Force – Pending
  • Ninjas – Pending
  • Sun Troops – Accepted!
  • Metal Warriors – Pending
  • Cowboys – Pending
  • Golden Warriors – Pending
  • Rebel Penguin Federation – Pending.

~Phipy, DW Leader

My reply to Wwe’s reply

Wwe made a post on DCP site saying:

Hello Khimo,Your posts are incredibly hilarious I find. So you start stating that the DCP is a bunch of sleazy and blah blah blah so on, then you start talking about me doing Bribes.All right, I do admit to doing bribes, that’s what DCP is known for, and I wouldn’t be talking because…


1) Lol. Just lol. Like I said, DCP is a bunch of lying scumbags. I’ve never paid for anything in CP armies, not even GFX, let alone a rank in a shitty army like DCP.

2) In my time spent in DCP, the only time I skipped some ranks was when I asked Motoxjohn to make me 3rd in command. Anyone may ask him, or Bam(if Bam is going to be honest) how I earned my leader rank. There was a poll between me and Bam where he lost and I won. The end.