The Creation of Dark Ops

Introducing to all DW Soldiers…

Most people already know, because I already made an announcement on chat about making this special force. Most of you don’t understand how this will function, so I will explain how it will in this post. Being part of Dark Ops force of the Dark Warriors is a privilege.

The Dark Ops team will be a Navy Seal like thing from real life. This force will include the most experienced, trained, specialized, and intelligent soldiers of the Dark Warriors. We pick out our best troops for this team from all forces: North American, Australian, Asian and European.

This team will carry out many missions… secret chat spying, raiding servers, practice advanced tactics, invade a server at the same time at a defence, and much more.

To get in the Dark Ops you will have to be the most focused, intelligent, and extremely active warrior in our military. Dark Ops forces will train every three days.
The Dark Ops will have a total of 9 members.
A list of Dark Ops warriors and a page is coming soon!

DW Leader


Black and Yellow

DCP seems to not have learned their lesson. So we as well as LT and the Nachos defeated DCP once again on Mukluk. We fought hard and the greatly out numbered DCP. They eventually logged off giving LT and DW the clear victory. I was very impressed in the improvement in tactics. With results like this DCP and ACP will be defeated in no time. Now for the part of the post that everyone wants to see, the pictures!

Thanks for everyone who stayed up and fought with us,  and a big thanks to the Nachos and LT! Black and Yellow forever! And Nachos do not fret Fjord will be returned to you soon!

Stay Frosty

~Phipy, DW Leader

Victory on Snow Drift/Win for the Allies!

So today was a pretty successful day for the Dark Warriors as well as the the new alliance.  We began our day by defending TG’s capital. DCP continued to use the no allies claim, to save themselves from losing battles.

After that the DW, LT, TG, GD, and Nachos alliance successfully defeated ACP, DCP, and IW? and captured Mammoth. IW has made a bad choice by joining ACP and DCP and now run the risk of submitting all of their servers. I would like to thank all of the soldiers that came to the events today and I would like to continue seeing your support. Also continue to listen to the leaders on chat and remember to recruit, recruit, recruit. Lastly if you have any pictures from either of today’s events please comment them below and comment if you made the events. Promos shall be decided by the end of the month. Thanks guys!

Pictures of the event at Mammoth

Stay Frosty!

~Phipy, DW Leader

Dark Warriors enters the war!

The Dark Warriors will be on the side of LT, Nachos, GD, and TG against ACP and DCP. Our goal is to completely demolish both DCP, and ACP as in they have no servers left in their nation. I believe this weekend, we’ll commence an operation that will change the whole war. You’ll see how.

The alliance will hold many meetings discussing plans on destroying both armies.

Let doomsday for ACP and DCP begin,

Invasions are coming.


DW Leader


Well you can recruit on club penguin but dose it work good some times i find that if you go to chats that are CP RELATED like yodaads or riffy places like that just spamm and pc people chat link for dark warriors and site   chat

New DW Icons!

Salutations to all my wonderful soldiers!  I have recently made a couple of xat icons that I would be happy for you to use!

:!: They are listed below :!:

-Shadowclub6 Dark Warriors Leader

Operation: RECRUITING!


Hello Dark Warriors,

All of American troops are going to have an one week vacation from school, which is great since we’re involved in a World War. To use this week as useful as possible, we’ll commence Operation Recruiting. This operation is to recruit as many soldiers as possible on CP cheat chats.

Rockhopper is coming to the island, so many of these CP cheat chats will be flooded by Club Penguin players which is a good sign. A week off, and CP cheats chats filled with CP players. So by analyzing all this, we made this operation.

This operation was used in all of Dark Warriors generations under my leadership and it always works. We’ll get as much soldiers as possible to join our journey in the world war. Hopefully with these soldiers, they will learn fast from our tactics. There will be a tactic session every two weeks to train our new recruits, new to CP warfare standards. This is good.

So Dark Warriors, I want you to:

Follow the ”Simple Routine” which is located in the widgets ===>

 1. Every time, your on the internet or by a computer with internet, you must be on chat.
2. You must tell all your friends or family relatives that play Club Penguin, to join Dark Warriors. Describe the fun you receive when you enlist.
3. Must comment on all posts, it’ll maintain the site active.
4. Check the site frequently for up-to-date events.

Also, this operation will be:

To recruit on Club Penguin cheats chats, not ARMY chats. Stealing troops is a foul play in my eyes.

List of Club Penguin cheat chats:

Private chat members to join our army Dark Warriors. Be nice to the person. Describe the fun you have in our army, and that we provide a safe chat moderated by a bot 24/7.