Proposing a site switch

Hey DW,

So as some of you know, none of the leaders own this site, but a loyal and trusted friend of mine does, Eyes/Daniel. We do trust him, but we would prefer if a leader owned the DW website.  And when a person does dig deep enough when searching, they will be redirected to UMA, instead of DW.

So, leaders please PC me, and Ana, when you get on could you please move this CSS to my site? Thanks.


The Rise to Power

Hello Dark Warriors,

After 2 days of fighting AR, we’ll be ending the war and going to training and recruiting. As we get more troops and train them, we’ll be on top. That is for sure. We’ll be replacing the scheduled battles to recruitment and training sessions to get better as an army. We’ll be dominant after this week.


Training Session

Date: Friday, November 30th

Server: Frosty

Room: Snow Forts


7PM Eastern Standard Time

6PM Central Standard Time

5PM Mountain Standard Time

3PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

12AM United Kingdom


Massive Recruitment Session

Date: Saturday, December 1st

Server: Bunny Hill (If full, Cloudy)


3PM Eastern Standard Time

2PM Central Standard Time

1PM Mountain Standard Time

12PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

8PM United Kingdom

*When recruiting on Club Penguin, say ”JOIN DARK WARRIORS”, ”LOOK US UP”, etc..

That is all for now,



Hey DW, the following is a post I wrote in March for DW, as we were in a similar situation then as we are now. IF YOU ARE A RECRUIT, THIS IS MANDATORY

Tactics are crucial when it comes to battling other armies, people say that size is the only thing that matters, those peope are un-educated about CP armies. If Army A has 100 troops that don’t know how to fire a gun properly and if Army B has 50 troops that know how to fire a gun properly who’s going to win? Exactly. We have the size but not the tactics, lucklily enough for us, DCP’s tactics and size have been horrible. I’m going to show you pictures of what tactics we normally do.

This is a vertical line and it’s simple enough, although we do seem to have problems spreading out. We should be spread out on CP like this picture, not bunched up.


This a mad face frenzy(E+9 + running around the room) Some of us seem to stay in position instead of running around and others don’t do it at all.


This is the joke bomb (jbomb) It can be used in a frenzy and in the line, I can’t re-call any problems with this tactic so this is our strongest.


This is the diagonal line, we haven’t used this tactic yet but we will be starting to use it now that your aware of it.


This is the horizontal line, we often use this beside the chat bar, however it has the same problem as the vertical line. We don’t spread out enough.

Loss on Toboggan

Hey, DW.

So today, we had an honourable loss on Toboggan. 90% of our troops were all chat recruits, and were clueless on what to do when it came to battle time as it is only our 2nd event.

I promise you DW will improve. It doesn’t happen over-night, not even with SaW. It took DW about a week to get to 35-40, and we WILL get that again.

The Game Plan

Hello Dark Warriors,


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Good opening event!

Hey DW,

So today we had our opening event, and within 1 day, we maxed 24 people! Nice job! All of our troops were freshly recruited, so our tactics weren’t the best, but they will learn. Average was 18. This is the beginning of something huge, something DW’s never seen, don’t doubt us. The final stand is here, and DW is here to stay.  Here’s pics;

Welcome to the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin

You have came across the most legendary and largest armies in all of Club Penguin.

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