Icebox Is Defended [2-0]

Puf Edit: This is ioio’s rage post on how they failed today 🙂

Hey there DW, 

Today was a very interesting battle. We weren’t doing so well for the first few minutes, but thank’s to Ryan, Madhav, Stratos, and Thekid we were able to bounce back and beat the LT. At the Ice Berg we maxed 20 and averaged 15-16, and at the Ski Village we maxed 23 and averaged 19-20. This has been one of the closest battles of the war so far. I know we could have done better if we had all of our leaders on. Thank’s to all of the troops that came. Now on to the pictures! 🙂

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Icebox Is Ours!

Hey there DW,

So, today was our first invasion for the war with LT. We demolished them, and successfully captured their capital just like I said we would on the CPAC interview. Starting off at the Iceberg, we maxed 30 and averaged 25+ in the Mine. Our tactic’s were really great. Not much else to say other than the light has been burnt today. Now on to the pictures! 🙂




Picture of Ioio admitting defeat:

All pics:

Our Stance in this War

Hello Dark  Warriors,

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CPAC tourney battle with CP Ice

Hi DW,

Today we had a tourney battle, that we didn’t really focus on that much, as we knew it would be an easy win. We still got 25+ regardless, and we’ll be going on to the next round




Flo: The medals promotion has been raised to 200 medals.

SaW’s Edit to Ioioluk: Yes, I do realize that you made invasions at the same time but we’re going to do our invasions instead of going to your invasions. This is because, LT has less servers than us, we captured some LT servers already and doing our invasions will effect you the most first. It’s all about strategy :-). The war with LT has not ended, I’ll be more active starting Monday.

Hello Dark Warriors

Well, it looks like the Light Troops have declared war on us for “sending troops” to help their enemies in battle. Lol, not even going to respond to that ridiculous statement. Although one thing I will give Ioio is that he has got the timing on this war spot on. Many of you know that I have expressed my desire to retire from DW in recent days, and this will be my final war as leader. To be honest I would have probably already retired if this didn’t happen, but we’ve destroyed AR, Nachos, ACP and GT when they’ve declared war on us. LT will be the same, let’s burn the light.

I’m not sure if SaW/Puf/Flo are deciding leaving with me, but I will probably retire around March 15th. Hopefully this war will be over by then

Invasion of Beanie

When: Monday, March 4th

Where: Beanie (If Full, Klondike)


7:00 PM Eastern Standard time

6:00 PM Central Standard Time

5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

4:00 PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

12:00 AM United Kingdom (midnight)


Good Recruiting/Training

You MUST comment on every events post to recieve medals. If you don’t comment, you won’t recieve them. Comment or no medals.

Hey there DW,

So, today we were supposed to have our PB with GT, but they recently closed down. Instead, we decided to have a Recruiting Session. We did pretty good, considering CP was glitching for everyone. Starting off at the Ice Berg, we maxed about 25. Since the lag was so bad we then moved to the Cove still maintaining sizes of 20+. For the remaining few minutes we moved to the Mine. Our tactics were very good, now on to the pictures!







Temporary Break until Monday

Hello Dark Warriors,

Unfortunately, I’ll be taking a break from the Dark Warriors until Monday. I’m going to California again(yeah I know, I’m always going there, my mom wants me to go and see my dad.) I’ll try to be online as much as I can, and recruit. It’s only like a one day break, so it won’t matter. I want every DW to recruit as much as you can while I’m gone. I know DW can do better without my assistance, so I’m counting on you guys. Also, I have restarted the bot, xat servers were down yesterday so the bot wouldn’t come on.

Remember guys, RECRUIT!

That is all for now,


DW Leader