Happy Easter all DW!

This is how long we have been in the top 5:

Hey DW,

Yeah, it is that day again, Easter!   I’m sure we all know what happens on this day, we get chocolate eggs from our family and friends. But do we really know what happened, and why this festive period was first established?

Easter is traditionally celebrated on a Sunday, hence the reason why it is called ‘Easter Sunday’ Christians celebrate this period because Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead to prove that he was the son of God.

Anyways, I know not everybody in DW celebrates Easter, so I’ll just leave it at that. Make sure to eat plenty of Chocolate eggs if you do celebrate it however!

We probably won’t have an event today, but you can still come on chat if you wish.


We Burn The Light

Hey there DW,

Well, today was just amazing! We maxed 30 on CP, and averaged 26-27. Our tactics were also very good. The best part is, it didn’t take everyone 20 minutes to log on this time. Thank’s to all the troops that came. Now on to the pictures. 😉


Retirement from DW of Madhav 2

Hello DW,

Today I am taking retirement from only DW(not armies). The reason is that I get bullied around and some of you know who you are.  I have another reason is that I was going to get fired for? Not being active…… What? You have seen me on the chat 24/7 and I come to every event I can. I would like to thank these people that have helped me. There all all of them that have helped me. If you aren’t added, you haven’t helped me.

Thank You’s to:

  • xiUnknown (made my career in armies)
  • SaW
  • Pufpuf
  • Khimo
  • Angel
  • Amicheal1
  • Ana
  • Debbie
  • GarretJr
  • DX
  • Freezie

…and all the others that helped me in DW!

We burn the light, The last time I am saying it!

-Madhav-2, Former DW 3ic

Training Results

Hey there DW, 

Well, today we had our first event in a while. It was alright. We maxed about 21, and averaged 16-17. You guys really need to start paying attention during events. If we want to stay in the top 5, we need to step up. It took 2o minutes to log on today, and that’s just too long to be waiting. Sorry for the lack of pictures.




As you can see, we’ve been pretty preoccupied with the war as of late. Now that the war is over,  it’s time to start training. Comment if you can come to them or not.


When: Saturday, March 30th

Where: Frosty, Mine


7:30 EST

6:30 CST

5:30 MST

4:30 PST

12:30 UK

War with Pirates is over

Well..Water apparently pc’d Flo and asked for the war to be ended. We accepted seeing as it would be pretty pointless invading and defending from a UK army when we’re an EST/PST/CST/MST army. Either way, I guess we won. Also, I’d like Pirates and DW to be allies once more, like we were in 2007/2008. Bid Now is a Pirate and DW, and we shouldn’t of ever went to war.

Pirates OWNED on Frosty

Hi DW,

Today we did a VERY good job. The best UK event we had in months to be honest. We got 20+ and completely killed the Pirates. They logged off around 15 minutes in. I don’t really have the time to add the pics, but the pictures I got were really good so I advise you look at them. Also, CPPA didn’t do a tactic until Waterkid came and that was around 10 minutes into the battle. We made them retreat 3 times, leading them to the Mine, where they eventually logged off.