The Move

Well guys i am moving on Wednesday and i wont have internet for a few days so sorry ❤ ~ Ice


The Story of DW in the 70s

Kid’s Edit: I hope to turn this into a weekly segment for some giggles. 😀

So back in the 70s when DW had started: me, Donut, and a friend of ours named Reacon had all just got done meeting up at the dinner, and we were getting ready for a brawl with the ACP. Once we had met our other DW gang members in the back alley around the barber the ACP showed up. They came in a pimped Mustang and had brought lead pipes, bats, and even chains. They looked ready for a war. It was cool though I remained chill, so were my other DW brethren including Khimo, Donut, Reacon, Icey, Freezie, Puf, and Unk.

Donut screamed”HEIL KAISER DIR,”

and some other German jibberish none of us could understand him. A shot fired and Reacon was the first to get shot, he had been clearly stoned for the past 6 weeks. Donut then continued his German war cries and charged, we all followed him with our baseball bats and lead pipes. We pretty much got any weapon we could could get our hands on. The ACP’s leader Tori had her gang members ready they all charged at us in unison and our two lines clashed. Those dirty ACP scum never did fight fair and they got some backup from the RPF. It didn’t matter Puf was taking 2 or 3 ACP on at a time. Unk was angered by something and was fighting like it was his last day on Earth. Freezie was bashing in RPF skulls with his baseball bat. I was picking a fight with the wrong guy though Cas had a real nice left hook and he wouldn’t let down for a second. It wasn’t long before Reacon had got back up and was functioning like he had been sober for a year. Reacon picked up Cas and threw him threw the back window of an apartment. The crashing of the window glass was soon followed by police sirens. Today we weren’t looking to get into any trouble so we gathered ourselves quickly and made a mad dash for the nightclub in the town square of Frosty. While sprinting I managed a quick peak over at my shoulder. I had seen the ACP running us down. Cas was furious too he had a giant gash right about his eye and he was moving quick. By time we had entered the nightclub ACP was gaining on us we made a quick retreat down into our hideout the boiler room. Now the ACP knew not to mess with us when we were in the Boiler room because we had been stocking weapons down there for years. It had a full armory of the best technologically advanced weapons the world had seen. We can thank our great weapon technician Khimo for that. So the ACP had retreated and the day was won. The next day when we turned on the news we saw the faces of some familiar ACP gang members being arrested. That was only one day of life in the DW. The stories go on, and they only get better.



Hey DW,


I was planning to tell you this a few days ago, but two days notice is still good in my opinion. Anyways, I am moving house starting on Monday, and I will have absolutely no access to internet or a computer until the 8th or 10th at the very least. It could even be longer than that. I understand this is not a very ideal time, seeing as this is the first week where everybody has school. Please try your best to maintain 20+ at events though. 


I will try my best to get on Xat Mobile at times, but if you have ever tried using, you’ll know from experience that it glitches/lags a lot. I will not be at an event at all this week, so Donut and Puf, it’s on you. Puf, you may want to hire/pick another US Leader because Donut is starting school and he can’t stay up late to attend events.



Decent Saturday Training

Hey DW,


Today we had our first weekend event in a while, and it went okay. Over the past few weeks, every scheduled weekend event we had has been cancelled, so this has been a small step in my opinion. We maxed about 20-21, which is OK, seeing as Alb’s retirement party was going on. A few owners were AFK throughout this event, that was disappointing. We just need to improve a little more on these weekend events, ‘cus school is competely resuming this week for everyone, and we’re going to be relying on these events to boost our top 10 spot.

Top 10 Recap (8/25/13 – 9/1/13)

Top 10 maker, as usual; read on. In my opinion, we should be top 5. Let’s see what CPAC think. Continue reading

Solid ULEAD on Frosty

Hey DW,


So today we had that ULEAD session, and we did good. Though we faced a few obstacles due to only 4 owners coming (Puf, Tigs, Ice, and Myself) Despite this all, we maxed around 25 and our tactics were good enough for the top 5. Hopefully this gives us a boost going into the weekend events


Now one thing before I show the pics is that I feel these so called “legends” are on chat creating drama instead of actually coming on CP and helping out. This whole “cutting” thing really needs to stop because I feel that it is scaring some troops away. There’s two in particular who are on chat right now as I type this. You know who you are.

What To Do ???

Hey guys So far everything in Dark Warriors has been great But A few things are going wrong. So i have been watching closely and a few people in DW are very inactive but this is different. Mostly these People are Mods, Now what these people are doing is They will come on DW chat and talk a bit and when we have an event they leave the chat or go “AFK” (away from keyboard) and go to a different chat and talk and just skip The events and this is UN-acceptable  This needs to stop Or your career could end You know who you are and so does the Leader, Owners ~ Ice