Happy Halloween Dark Warriors!

>> Happy Halloween <<


Yes Dark Warriors, it is that time again, Halloween! This is definitely a period of time where you should be going trick or treating with your friends and eating plenty of candy! Nonetheless, it’s not recommended you go on chat today as there will be no event. This is because the leadership of DW and myself want you to enjoy your Halloween.


It has been a good month overall in the DW as we continue to fight the opening months of the school year, which are no doubt the hardest. We enter now enter November, the month where DW was recreated last year. November historically is another downtime in Club Penguin warfare, so activity will still be low to a certain extent, but not enough to defeat the legendary DW!


Let’s shine to one year of this generation, Dark Warriors! 27 days to go!


DW Advisor


Training Success

Hey DW,

After a two day break, we definitely came out strong this evening.  We maxed 23, and averaged 20. Tactics were good. Great job today DW! Mid-terms are going on this week for most of us, so just try to do what you can. We’ll look at Friday, and then of course we have a very important battle vs ACP on Saturday. The leaders expect army activity to be low as we are still in the “school fall” Things should get better overtime, so if you aren’t currently active it’s fine.


After a two day break, we need to start having events again. Comment if you can go.


Wednesday, October 30th


7:30 EST

6:30 CST

5:30 MST

3:30 PST



Thursday, October 31st


8 UK







Friday, November 1st


7:30 EST

6:30 CST

5:30 MST

4:30 PST






4pm EST

3pm CST

2pm MST

1pm PST

8pm UK


Now, after defeating the Golds we move on to the Semi Finals of the Champions Cup. But now we face a common enemy, an enemy we battled last month in a war. This is absolutely huge, it is going to be DW’s biggest battle since the RPF Legends Cup Semi Final in August, and the biggest battle of my CP army career. EVERY single person in this army must try their best to come to this, it is massive.

This month we have had some good events and overall we pushed ourselves at certain times and slacked off at points too. Like I said, there was always going to be ups and downs doing the school year. But now we need to show everybody still doubts us, that we are still the army from SaW and Unk’s time, still the army who is without a doubt the greatest. 

Honestly, you guys. I’ve hyped the LS battle, but this is THE BATTLE. We’re against ACP, a strong army, and a historical rival. We can win, I know we will win. But, it’s how you win. Do you want to win with a scrappy size of 15-20 like we did against Golds, or do you want to make the headlines with a thumping 35+ size, I know which one I would pick. So let’s do this, it’s our time.

By the way, there will be promotions given out to everybody who comes to this battle, it’s our biggest battle in months. Some former DW Leaders like Dx, SaW, Unk, Bears, Flo, Andrew, Ana, are welcome to come if you like to make things more interesting


Champions Cup Results

Hey DW,

Today we had our Champions Cup battle vs Golds. It was decent, but we still should have done WAY better. In the end we still won. Thanks to Golds for putting up a good fight. We maxed 20, and averaged 16-18. We will now go on to face the ACP.

An Address to the Dark Warriors

Hello, Dark Warriors

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about my retirement. Things did not go planned for DW this week, Kid retired and Donut’s internet is down. This has caused people to think my retirement is the reason why DW fell, and it truly isn’t. I am a leader who tried his absolute best, I’m just like everybody else in this community. While I did harbour credit, I did deserve some of it, but not all of it. There were other leaders than me. Those leaders are Puf and Crazy, two people who carried DW from SaW and Unknown and earned respect of legendary leaders around this community. All I did was help turn this army up a gear and bring it into the top 5 again, but it wasn’t all me.

Not one single person is bigger than this army. Not Boomer, Unknown, or SaW. Those 3 may be Club Penguin Army legends, but DW is THE Legend. It’s been proven that DW is still very strong and always will be, even throughout the multiple retirements. And while I may look stupid with the constant returns, it’s only because I care about DW and you, the troops. This army is the only army for me, and it always will be. I want to keep playing a role in the ongoing DW history, and I want to solidify my status in DW even further.

So I ask you, the troops to give me one final chance. I won’t retire in 1 month like I did the last two times, I am going to be here for a while now. I’ve accepted that I moulded myself into the DW Leadership, and it will take time for me to find a replacement just like SaW and Unk found Crazy. I already have that replacement in mind, but they will need another few months. In the meantime I will be able to help DW progress further with Puf and Crazy, two people who I respect. Two DW Legends, and two people who truly deserve a lot more recognition.

And guys, I know some of you are getting bored with the constant training sessions. Soon there’s going to be war, and not a war that will last 1 week.  A war that will test our true ability, and a war with a common enemy. But not yet, you will soon find out. DW is going to become a fun place throughout the next few months. That’s my goal, I made my goal to help DW become a top 3 army again and the leaders achieved that with me. There will be movie nights, game nights and more war. That is our next goal making DW better for you, our loyal troops.


Great Unscheduled Training

Hey DW,

I know that it’s been a confusing week, but we really pulled through today. We maxed 24, and had perfect tactics. If you don’t believe me just look at the pictures.