DW Leaders of the “Tryna Cut” Era [2012-2014]


Bold = Dynasty Leader

  1. xiunknown (November 2012 – March 2013)
  2. SaW//Feephill (November 2012 – March 2013)
  3. Hurricanex1 (November 2012 – December 2012)
  4. Khimo (November 2012 – January 2013)
  5. Pufpuf103 (December 2012 – January 2014)
  6. Flo (January 2013 – July 2013)
  7. Crazy186 (March 2013 – Present)
  8. Dxdzn (June 2013 – July 2013)
  9. Bearsboy10 (June 2013 – July 2013)
  10. Donut67890 (August 2013 – October 2013)
  11. Freezie66 (August 2013 – January 2014)
  12. Thekid18 (September 2013 – November 2013)
  13. Spi101 (November 2013 – January 2014)

The Retirement of Pufpuf103[3k words son]

SaW’s Edit: Sad to see you go bro,  I’m happy that I recruited you to this army. You are one of the best DW leaders in my eyes for all the times you have served us through thick and thin. Carrying this army throughout its generation, means that you truly are a DW legend. Thank you for your service and commitment to DW, Pufpuf. You will be missed.

Crazy’s edit: Puf, I’ve had a great time leading with you. You’re 1 of DW’s best leaders and I wish you well. You have been and will continue to be a loyal committed troop. It’s sad to see you go the way you did. Thank you for your time at DW.

Although Puf was couped by Freeezie 3 weeks ago, he was planning to retire anyways. Here is his post for all those who want to see, and Puf was one of the greatest DW leaders and troops ever. His service to the DW will never be forgotten, thank you Puf.

On this day, December 12th 2013, I Pufpuf103 officially retire from the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin. After three years of service, and one year of leading, this is the end. 

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Doritos War over + Freezie’s message to DCP/ACP/RPF

Also, I didn’t return as leader in this war. I was just helping out a lot due to DW being leaderless at long periods of time, SaW/Unk my advice to you is to fix the stability in the owner ranks beforex you go about doing other things. That’s just my opinion

Hi DW,

So after DCP declared war on us this past Saturday night, we really rose up. We couldn’t even have an event barely when DCP declared war so we really did rise up and in the end we weren’t killed. The past few weeks are without a doubt the lowest DW has been in a long time and I’m sorry if I was the main problem in this.

And honestly guys, I am retired and really don’t want to come back this time. It was sad that there’s no US owner online at times to lead events, this needs fixed asap.

There is no winner despite both armies having different war scores and there will be a fun battle on Saturday according to Musta/Unk.

Many people criticized me for my handling of foreign relations. I’ve told Musta and several others about this, but I’ll explain it again. I joined CP armies officially in November 2010 (DW was my first army) and I was only in DW for about 5 months until I retired. I didn’t come back to armies until August 2013 and that’s when I got DW Leader. I did not know who DW’s allies/enemies were because I was gone for those years.

I declared war on Cas (NDA) in September 2013 because ACP took 1st in the top 10 from us (DW had been choking for it as we hadn’t been first in like 6 months back then) and ACP basically stole it by having their events on 5 bar servers. After around 20 battles me and the other ACP Leaders decided to end it (I only ended it because I wanted to play GTAV 😉 )

After the ACP war, DW stayed isolated. I got countless off offers from NDA/JLA to join them and fight by their side but I thought it was funny watching Cas/Spi blow mad steam off at each other during the ACP vs LT war everyday without being involved, so DW stayed low.

Truthfully, I don’t know how I began to hate RPF, I really can’t remember. I believe I declared war to get DW active, I’m not sure anyways the war only lasted around 7 or 8 battles and we ended it. Then Spreezie was born, DW began to hit huge sizes and tensions between ourselves and RPF rose to levels never seen before. We were in a cold war for like a month and we flamed each other each day, lol.

Then DCP came, I knew Spi/Musta had history before Spi joined to DW so I automatically knew we’d have to cut allied relations w/ DCP. And then a huge amount of trash talk began with battles happening too.

Even though I retired 2 weeks ago it was fun battling with these 3 great armies and I wish them the best of luck in the future. I don’t legit hate anyone or any army in this game, after all it was for fun guys?  This is my last post on DW site..for at least a long time. I wish DW the best of luck in what they do in this new era.

Crunchy Victory [7-1]

@Toysoldier lmao, scroll down and look at the previous invasions. There’s pics with DW having 7+ more troops than DCP and yet you guys still claim victory. You barely had more size than DW at timees, it was equal for the majority of the battle and you were unorganized as my pics show. You can’t claim victory if you’re unorganized like DCP were for this battle. 

Also your pics on DCP show pre battle at the Stadium when the battle didn’t start, and your pics at the town were when the battle was over. Stop trying so hard, you’re embarassing yourself.

Also it’s a growing trend between you and Musta taking pics of DW just after we did a bomb, cheap, cheap my friend. 

Hi DW,

Today we invaded Slushy from DCP and I can say it was a success. We had around 25 DW prebattle, but it probably should have been more seeing as we had 35 on chat. Nonetheless, we won. DCP was horribly organized during the battle and their tactics were pretty poor. DCP may have had slight size advantage at small periods of time in the battle, but we won this battle tactically and DCP was not organized at all.

Not taking anything away from DCP either, this was a very close battle. But remember, DCP declared war on us at one of our lowest times and we’ve risen above that and won all battles so far. Let’s keep this streak going, DCP won’t survive when SaW returns.

US leaders, if you want to win these battles more comfortably I can’t be the one online all the time. I am retired after all, but we won today.

Freezie’s Message to Elmikey

Elm, what’s your problem dude?

Ever since like the 20th December, I have completely forgotten about our feud and I’ve had no problems with RPF. You’re the one who wants to continue this BS with me even after the countless of times I’ve tried being friends with other RPF Leaders (Don’t believe me? Ask Lilstar and Sir Pj)

I’m friends with a lot of people in your army and after the stuff that happened over a month ago I actually thought DW/RPF could go on to neutral terms, I guess I was wrong. I’ve defended your army multiple times on CPAC and you just constantly seem to hate DW. Your boy Mustapha seems to think it’s me who causes the problems, but yet again you proved today that you’re the one who can’t move on.

You banned me like 5 days ago and I didn’t even say anything..I was actually being friendly to a lot of your troops because as I said a lot of my good friends from CP armies are in RPF.

Elm, I’m just going to say this once. I do not care about what you think about me or DW, but I ask you to move on from me because I’ve did that with you. Focus on your actual enemies (Puckley and Iceyfeet) rather than bash on me.

I’m a lot more mature now and I could have put 1000 insults towards you and your army in this post, but I won’t because as I’ve said I have moved on from our “feud” and you should too.

And if you want to fight, then let’s do it after both DW/RPF are out of wars and we can settle this once and for all. 😉


Even with your allies, you’re still trash [6-1] [FOG IS OURS]

Hai DW,

Today Musta finally realized that DCP are a sucky army and can’t win without their allies. We realized this yesterday when we saw RPF/ACP in DCP uniform but it was much worse today. Even in our weakened state, the DCP can’t beat us. That is how pathetic and bad they are, and I told DCP they made a mistake in declaring war. We maxed around 20 today which is great for UK

Nonetheless, we were still bigger than the Doritos and they even logged off 5 minutes due to being owned. It was a flawless victory.

Aww, thanks Elm! ❤

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