Weekly Polls? #1

EDIT: There will be a new poll added every Friday!

Hey DW,

I wanted to get you guys involved in DW more so I am going to do a weekly poll based on the comments below! Poll for this week:

Comment what you want for next week!


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Welcome to The New Age [Training Session on Frosty]

Greetings Dark Warriors

Final Chaser here, after Unknown’s announcement of the 3 new leaders A.K.A Final Zapple, we decided to start this new Era off with a bang! We hosted a Training Session on our Capital Frosty. We maxed 25 and averaged 20 throughout the event, you can find pictures linked below. Good Job Dark Warriors! this is only the beginning…







bday boy



This is how DW picks girls up 8)



icon_arrow Also don’t forget to comment on DW VS DCP TOURNEY BATTLE post if you can attend!


Your New Leadership “Final Zapple” + Things to Expect


I have not posted on this website in quite sometime due to me being busy with real affairs and such. That is why I did not chose to return with SaW last month, and partly the reason why I haven’t been on xat in the last few weeks.

Any ways, I have seen DW has gone under another event of transition, and that is a completely new leadership. As it stands, Final Chaser, Applebiter, and Zayn will be the new DW commanders.

As for Freezie66, I do not know where his stance is on leading DW. I don’t believe he has retired, but I believe he is not leader at this time and is on a break. That break from leading could be temporary or permanent, we do not know at this stage. As of now, these are the official rankings

Leaders: Final Chaser, Applebiter, Zayn

2ic: Bep, Supa Em, Subster, Barcode, Tax1

3ic: Jessie, Hulk, Pjayo

This is a brand new Dark Warriors. Although the leadership is not “famous” just yet, it will be eventually. Under the process of what I’m going to put the 3 leaders under, they should become knowledgable leaders which will be capable of holding DW in the top 5. Several people such as Pufpuf103, Crazy, Flo and even Freezie himself went through the training process, and they all became legends of DW.

I will give them a complete leader guide; the same one that I gave Puf, Crazy, Freezie etc. However, it may be outdated as I’ve been retired for around a year and I would like to request help from Crazy, Puf or Freezie to help me add some stuff I’ve missed out on.

Leadership is a hard aspect to comprehend in any situation; even CP armies. It is very important to realize that CP armies are not just about pressing 2 emotes on a keyboard. You have to please troops’ demands, make sure you don’t get into hot stuff with the media, and continue to recruit; replacing the departures from the army. You also have to ensure that you have a healthy ranking system and keep security priotised. It is not easy, but you will get the hang of things eventually.

This new DW will probably remain isolated until the leaders feel they have a proper grasp on to the army. Just like Puf, Freezie, and Crazy did. I wish for the best for this new leadership, you will feel the highs and lows of the army, but don’t feel the pressure just yet. You will be in a learning phase for the next few weeks, and nothing major is expected from you


DW Advisor


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It’s a New Day [Tactics Session on Flurry]

Greetings Dark Warriors

Final Chaser here, to get back on track after this week’s recent events, we decided to host a good ol’ tactics session on our Co-capital Flurry, and it wasn’t bad at all, we maxed 20 and averaged 13, and this is only the beginning in our mission of restoring DW’s former glory, here are some pictures of the event below:






Hey Freezie, I hope you’re doing well. I was just reading over the site and I saw your post. I’d like to make things clear here that I had no part in this matter. I haven’t been on xat the last 3-4 days. I was pc’ing SaW for another reason about the army. I never ended up getting a pc back so. I’d like you to know I didn’t do this nor was I involved in this matter. Yes, we did have a fight but we got over that. That will be all.  Thanks for your time.

Your Brave 3ic, Pjayo

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