The Frosty Times [Preview 2]

Hello Dark Warriors! 

Today, I have posted another example of these custom made newspapers. I also used a new template. I hope you like it. Also, I have decided that the title will be ” The Frosty Times” Considering our capital server is Frosty.

To view the previous template, click Here

Remember : Below is only a quick example of how some new  future posts of mine will look. The actual content I will post soon will be different and a lot better. I just wanted you guys to see how it looks first before I get started. We are beginning to rise so we need to start making good posts everyday.

If you think you are good at making posts that would help Dark Warriors just let us know in a comment. Also make sure to check the Dark Warriors site each day. I will be spending more time making awesome posts starting now! –

Agent Vo Yo

Click on the pictures to zoom in.

Did you like it? Please comment your thoughts!

We Burn The Light


The Warrior News [Preview]

I will be posting The Warrior News weekly. Normally, it will look more ecstatic (cool font, Better organisation, etc.), but I wanted to give you guys an example first.  I also have other templates which will look even better.

Click on the Image to enlarge it.

So, what do you think. Would this be a good idea ? Please comment you wacky ideas for future post ideas 😛 Who knows, you might be featured in the next one!

We will rise

I joined Dark Warriors about two weeks ago and I only had one goal in mind:

Make Dark Warriors the best CP Army EVER KNOWN.

I began a revolution and defeated all opponents. I made massive changes, all for the better. All to make this the best army to ever exist. I believe this era of Dark Warriors will go down as the greatest era an army has ever had. We’re all making DW great, each member, moderator & owner. Today we had our best event together, the first of many. This is the very start, summer hasn’t even started yet.. Dark Warriors is led and fought for by the best, we will defeat the competition and Dark Warriors will be #1. This is the beginning of the greatest era of all time. We are DW.

Members shouldn’t recruit.

Club Penguin has began cracking down on CP Army Recruiting, do not try to recruit on CP. It won’t work since a lot of words are censored and you might get banned. For now on only Dark Warriors owners (Agents & Warlords) are allowed to recruit on Club penguin. We will handle it.

The Revolution Has Begun [PB WITH ACP RESULTS]

Hello Dark Warriors,

Let me begin by saying, wow. We were amazing today, Dark Warriors are on the path to #1. This was a short notice event and we still showed up strong. Perhaps this may have been our best event in a few weeks. We are now witnessing the very beginning of the new revolutionized Dark Warriors. Welcome to DW.

The server was Frosty (1 bar) as always.

Together, we will make the Dark Warriors #1 . Well done everyone. All new recruits who joined today will receive a promotion!

Dark Warriors maxed sizes of 35 


Welcome to DW!

Your Role In Recruiting

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself before we get into this post’s main idea. I’m Paradoxed, and I have experience leading armies under a different name.  If you see me on chat, feel free to PC me. I’m willing to chat with anyone and everyone.


Your main role is going on Club Penguin and recruiting. Once the moderators make the recruits members, private chat them and welcome them to the army. Doing so will make them feel welcomed and they will want to stay. After they fill out the join application, add them to the ranks and have them put DW in their name.


Your job is to member any guests who come on chat and ask them to join. Before you member them make sure they have an ID. After you member them link them to the join page and answer any questions they have. Remember, you are the future owners and leaders of this army, working hard and making a name for yourself happens while you are a mod. Be sure to be on Club Penguin and recruiting.


Your main job is to inform the moderators of any guests that you see. If you see a guest without and ID PM them and tell them to sign in. You are the future moderators and owners of this army, helping out now will only get you noticed by the leaders. You need to be on CP and recruiting as well, but be sure to check chat for any events.


DW Warlord