The Light Troops are Weak

The Light Troops are Weak, they have decided to go into some type of reformation since we declared war on them. That means they will not be defending their land. Therefore, I  will launch UK/Ausia invasions after Wednesday’s big invasion in order to quickly conquer the entire LT nation. It will strengthen our nation, and kill Light Troops. Also all Light Troops should join DW, since LT is is weak and boring. And also going to be dead soon. 


LT:The Real Bad Guys

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Why we declared war on the Lights Troops

On the 30th of June, the Dark Warriors army declared war on the Light Troops. LT is one of the top dogs when it comes to the Top Ten, but they are really evil in the inside. Here are the reasons why we have declared war on this shameful army:

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War starts Wednesday

The Dark Warriors have declared war, everyone is expected to show up for Wednesday’s Invasion. As of this time we have about two days left to prepare for the beginning of this war. More invasions will be posted after we invade Light Troops capital on Wednesday. 

War with ACP officially over

On the 30th of June 2014, the Dark Warriors army and the Army of Club Penguin have decided to end the war.

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Declaration of war on the Light Troops

We the Dark Warriors hereby Declare War on the Light Troops. We will destroy the Light Troops. We Burn The Light. 

The leader of Light Troops (Waterkid) has menaced Club Penguin Armies for too long. Light Troops, your end is near. 



Dark Warriors want to have events which all troops could attend. To do this, we need to know how many troops live in each division (US, UK, AUSIA). Please answer the poll as soon as possible 🙂

Only answer once!