Tuxedo is in Dark Warriors’ Control

Greetings Dark Warriors

Today, we successfully Invaded the server of Tuxedo from the corrupted RPF army. This was an easy event for the Dark Warriors, as the RPF were to afraid to battle us to defend their own Capital. Tuxedo is the next addition to the Dark Warriors’ Nation. This was a Dark Warriors Victory! Read more for the awesome event pictures!

|| Max of 50+, Average of 45+ ||

Picture Showing 48-50 Dark Warriors.

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Expanding our Nation

Our fellow ally, the Golds, have transferred us their entire nation for protection since they are at war with the Air Force army. The Golds may request it back whenever they want.


Get ready for battle .VS RPF

we will be invading rpf’s capital today as a warning so they can stop chat recruiting and so they could stop lying get ready DW  to win this battle!


Oh Waffle…

Waffle, the amount of trash you talk is astounding. You smack about how you will purge “evil” yet you are too afraid to even show up and fight us. This picture sums up perfectly the amount of hypocrisy that you carry.  You have ruined RPF’s reputation and you will now pay for it by feeling the sting of the mighty Dark Warrior Empire. And to any and all RPF soldiers, I urge you to stop serving this egomaniac and join the good fight here in DW. We will not use or abuse you like WRPF does and we will show you what true fun is.



70,000 views have been reached!!! We did it. Lets think about that  1 army, 70,000 views, and 1 month. This means we’re growing and fast. We actally did this Yesterday. We are big. We are growing. We did It. We have never done this before. Next month we may get 80,000. The month after, we may get 90,000. 1 month we may get 100,000. Congratulations dark warriors. We have grown a lot this month.  100,000 here we come! Until then burn the light.

Yeti Is Still Ours!

Hello Troops!

Today the small fry LT failed at invading our server Yeti. They can’t fight us fairy because at every single battle we’ve always had at least 10+ troops more than them. The LT failed to follow us, and we defended the server. The only time we fought LT was when their entire army was at the Ship deck, therefore locking 90% of our army out. This was a DW victory, great job to all DW came! Remember to attend upcoming events!

For CPAC – We did battle LT in this event

We maxed sizes of 50+












RPF, you’re hypocrites

“DW are chat recruiters, DW stole all our troops”