Mysterious New Mascot Found In Club Penguin’s Files – Rockhopper/Bear Hybrid with a Beta Hat?

Today Club Penguin Blogger and friend of mine Dragosv224 discovered something new in Club Penguin’s files: the playercard of an unreleased and unnamed mascot! I was able to verify that this monster is indeed a part of Club Penguin’s game configuration files and not an edit of any sort, as I always make sure to fact check before posting.

Moving on to the details about this finding, the name of the mascot is currently unknown. In fact, nothing is known other than the mascot’s appearance. To me it looks like a mixture of part bear and part Rockhopper, along with a beta hat on its head.


It’s also in the wilderness, so maybe Club Penguin’s September 2014 party will be wilderness related and this mysterious new mascot will be released? Or maybe it’s related to Club Penguin’s upcomin puffle  wild app?


6 Responses

  1. what the

  2. i think it’s going to be part of an event or something


  4. :O

  5. Maybe a Sasquatch?

  6. Woohoo! Sasquatch puffles all the way!! XD

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