Q1: Why Are There So Many Random Commercials/Advertisements On The Website??

The ads are here on the website so we can generate an income in order to keep the website running and make it improve monthly.


Keep Posting And Commenting!!!

Hey guys,

Remember to keep commenting on the posts that we make!!!

Commenting lets the authors know how they are doing, what they can do to improve, and encourages them to make more posts!!!


Keep Up The Good Work DW!


We are winning every battle, defense and invasion, on the DCP empire. When they do try to fight back (which is rarely) we put up a great fight and send them back to SMAP! DCP can’t stop us, they have resorted to editing comments. Attend this weeks invasions of the DCP empire. We can not be stopped, burn the light!

DWNC: Tips To Help Out DW


FROSTY: Hey guys, Death here, and I’m here to tell you some stuff you can do when you’re bored.

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My Favorite Things About Halloween

Hello Dark Warriors!

My favorite things about Halloween are………….

Spooky Scary Skeletons and Caillou.

~Bad, Dark Warriors 2ic

DWNC: What’s The Dark Warriors?

The first time I posted this, I didn’t have enough time to do it with a lot of people, and I promised that I would. So here’s the second, complete, “What’s the Dark Warriors?”!

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DWNC: The Dark Warrior’s Creed

FROSTY | Hola, Dark Warriors! This is your faithful and happy DWNC reporter and philosopher Simi here with a special little bulletin just for all of you who are awesome. I recently sat down and began typing up what could be the Dark Warrior’s Creed that all our troops can live by because I just can do that and we all need something to remember why we fight as a single army, a single unit of Dark Warriors ready to do what’s right. So here we go:

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