After Tournament Battle My Activity Will Drop

After the final tomorrow my activity will drop some-what, I’ll still be active & leader but I need to focus on some other things. I’ve been very active this month to make this the best experience for you all, despite the problems we’ve had but it’s taken a toll on me and my advisors say I should take a lesser role. Eventually, I’ll be back to the rate I was at before. This doesn’t mean anything as we have a lot of others who can lead the army.


Happy Halloween Dark Warriors

Hello Dark Warriors.

Today is Halloween, and today is a day about trick or treating. I hope everybody has a fun and safe day! Collect & eat plenty of candy tonight soldiers. Try not to eat too much though because we have an important final tomorrow!

Comment with what you’re dressing up as!

On Halloween Eve [Event Results]

Hello Dark Warriors,

Today was our last event before the final. It was decent, but we’re going to need much better to win on Saturday. We averaged and maxed 40 which is good considering people were out decorating and stuff. I don’t expect people to be on chat all day tomorrow, but I expect you to be autotyping on CP. If you’re going out, do DW a favor and leave your computer on for it to autotype/recruit. It doesn’t take away your life guys:

This Is Your Time DW

Do you want to be #1?

Do you want to make history?

If you answered yes to either of those questions,

Then Come to Saturday’s Battle!!@#!@#@We Need Everyone There!!!!!!

Saturday – November 1st

Dark Warriors Vs. Ice Warriors


3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST, 8:00pm GMT

Server: Klondike

Location: TBA

Ranks Are Updated


Lots of People are joining and viewing our site each day. That is really good! This mean we’ve been recruiting and making DW great! Any new people who joined will be added to the ranks by the end of the day!

PB Vs. Airforce [RESULTS]

Hey DW,

Today we had a friendly practice battle with Air Force, and we did outstanding! We were able to max sizes of 45 and average sizes of 40+ with amazing formations and tactics. Thank’s to all the DW that attended. Dark Warriors Forever.

Message To Yellow Snow (LT)

Elmikey, why can’t you just stay down man? Every-time you try to go for DW, the same outcome happens. You get knocked down. You tried in RPF, you failed. You praised DW a week ago for staying #1 without you, now you’re making threats because LT have risen a bit. Don’t give me a reason not to like you.

If you want to talk trash, then back it up. Declare war, I remember in 2011 when DW mauled LT in 90% of the battles. I also remember this Summers war, where you claimed Waterkid to be the worst thing since Hitler. Stop getting into things bigger than you.