Happy New Years, Dark Warriors – 2015

Happy New Years, Dark Warriors. Let’s start 2015 with a big bang. 



Countdown Timer & Battle Schedule is updated; HUNT & KILL ON FRIDAY – DEFEND FROSTY! ALL ATTEND

We will be holding a Hunt & Kill on Friday in the Server Frosty – Room Snow Forts. We will be fighting the Ice Warriors. ALL DW ARE NEEDED!!! TRY TO ATTEND!


My Milkshake Brings all the DDOSers to the Yard

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Mass recruiting for our War Campaign


I’ve been noticing a lack of recruiting for the past few days. It’s time we change that and go into full effect like we did for the Christmas Chaos Finals. Thousands of troops must join our ranks as we head into this war campaign. This may very well turn into a World War and all Dark Warrior recruiters are needed on board.

Fight for your nation and help defend it. 

We, the Dark Warriors, along with our brothers in The Grand Alliance will eliminate all threats to Club Penguin armies.

Preparing for World War.

There’s no event tomorrow to celebrate the New Year.

Instead, leaders of the Grand Alliance and their officers are required to attend our most important meeting yet. Be here tomorrow on our chat. 4:00pm PST. I’ll leave you to convert that to your own time zones. It’s advised that immature officers are left behind so we may convey the plans to the most level headed figure of each army. Some Dark Warriors moderators may be invited to attend this meeting. These will be our best recruiters. Be mature or do not attend at all.

Statement regarding tonight’s controversy

This issue will be blown up, but it isn’t that much of an issue.

At approximately 5pm PST (8pm Eastern) posts began to disappear on the DW main page. Thankfully, Spi101 noticed this and prevented any more damage. From my knowledge, what had then happened was Freezie66 was being accused of the defacer, however there is no evidence to support this claim, thus Freezie’s banishment will be revoked and an apology has been issued on our behalf. What then occured was SaW received text messages from Freezie, saying that DW had banished him yet again for no reason. This promptly angered SaW, and he came on in a rage and told Spi101 that I would coup him. Spi101 remains a Dark Warriors Legend/Leader, and will not be couped in anyway. I advise Spi101 to get in contact with me or another leader ASAP.

A short owner meeting took place, where positive negotiations were held and the leaders have a clear understanding of where DW is at this moment. The website has not lost any content, and it remains fully backed up.

That will be all.