A Nation Rebuilt [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Dark Warriors!

This week, we rebuilt. Last week, we looked as if we were nothing, as if we were dead. This week, we sent the community a message. We are far from dead, and far from weak. This week, WE BURNED THE LIGHT!

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Good Job.

We did good today. Even though we lost, good fight, DW.

The Start Of Something Special


That’s basically all I can say right now. I am so proud of all of you. I have to say, I was a little skeptical at the beginning because no owners/mods were on but then you all came on and recruited your hearts out and helped me prepare for the battle. Although we did not win, this is the start of something special. If it were later in the tournament, and we had more rooms to battle in, we would’ve won no doubt. But still, you all came on and did a hell of a job, and I couldn’t be more proud. We maxed 40. DARK WARRIORS FOREVER.

Don’t worry, the next tournament will be ours, but look forward to being #1 this week, because there is a high chance that we will be.

~Bad, Proud Dark Warriors Leader

Introducing Spikey

Hello Dark Warriors!

My name is Spikey and your new 2ic/UK Leader. I am here to help rise the sizes of the UK division to 25-30. I will be working alongside your current UK Leader Tirodoragon in creating an ultimate UK division capable of taking on any army. So where do I start? Well, I first had knowledge of Club Penguin armies in late 2008. I joined ACP and IW until 2009. In 2009, SWAT was created and I got recruited by Ganger90. I stayed in SWAT from 2009 all the way up to this year, help keeping the army running and alive. SWAT was my home army and I wanted to do anything to make it grow. However, I knew my time had come to leave. I earned a legend status there and retired for a couple months. Now I am back and fired up to make DW my new home army. I will do everything I can to make sure the UK division and the army as a whole, becomes a great success. Don’t be afraid to PC me on chat or on main, I am a kind person. I promise to all of you troops that I will look after you, and if you have any questions if you have any problems, please let me or an owner know.


Spikey, 2nd In Command

Rules For Mods/Owners

Over the past few days, me and other leaders have been building up the ownership hiring a number of owners that can autotype and help us become a bigger army. We have also hired a substantial amount of mods. Below are some rules for mods and owners. If they are not followed, any owner/mod can be at risk for demotion.

1. You MUST autotype at least 2-3 hours a day. 4-5 before tournament battles. If you for some reason have an issue that prevents you from autotyping, just PC me, Ghost, or Tom and we will review it and decide whether or not you will get an exception.

2. DO NOT go AFK before or during events. This has been a problem in DW, and basically in armies for a while now, and any owners who do this risk being membered and if it becomes frequent, they can risk being demoted. If you have to go, PC a leader and tell them why, and go. Don’t leave your account it because it makes it look like your AFK. This goes for mods aswell.

3. All owners must attend at least 3/5 events during the school week, and if they miss less than that, they will need to PC a leader with a legitimate explanation for their absence. If they don’t, they will risk being demoted. This also goes for mods.

ALL of these rules are now put in place. Starting next week, our UK division will open up, so unless its a major in real life issue, owners/mods should not have any excuses for missing events, and/or not autotyping.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader

This Tournament Will Be Ours – TRAINING RESULTS!

Hello Dark Warriors!

Today we logged on Frosty to practice for our first battle of this year’s March Madness tournament. We are hoping to reach sizes of 50-60 tomorrow so all DW must try their best to attend! We only reached sizes of 25 due to chat being hacked 20 minutes prior to the battle, which caused our chat size to go down and many people got scared off. We expect much bigger sizes tomorrow, and remember, ALL OWNERS MUST RECRUIT FOR THE UPCOMING BATTLE!

Although this was not our best event, what we have in store for tomorrow, is beyond all of our best from this week, so be prepared to dominate.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader


Hello Dark Warriors,

Today the Dark Warriors logged on Sub Zero to fight the Ice Warriors yet again. We postponed the event 30 minutes due to IW changing the times at the last minute, and switched the server from Frosty to Sub Zero. This was the best event we have had so far with the new leadership of Ghost, Bad, and Tom. I am proud of our comeback from our fall, and we will hit 50 this weekend.



-Whats Up11