Regarding Mod Apps

They are being looked at. Be patient, I can’t be on very often.


Moderator Applications [CLOSED]

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NOTE: I’m leaving this post on the top of the website. Click above if you have questions, it’s a lot easier than commenting. Just be sure to check back on the page every few hours, it takes awhile for us to answer.


Applications closed. Thank you for applying everyone. If you didn’t get moderator, don’t worry. You can still join and have an equal chance of ranking up to moderator (and even owner)!

~Burn The Light~



All DW troops are expected to rejoin when we come back. We will be better than ever.

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Update #1

Many changes are happening to DW.

We have come up with plans that will revolutionize armies as a whole, nothing will be able to stop us. Make sure to rejoin us when we reopen in a few months.

-Xxtoysoldier, DW Legend

Hibernation of DW

DW is on hibernation until Summer 2015 according to Ambrosha. I give him full custody over the Dark Warriors, he may do what he pleases with the army. It is not closed, Ambrosha overruled my decision, but he wishes to hibernate it until the Summer.

I will not be involved, so all questions go to him or Xxtoysoldier.

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors – RESULTS!

Hello Dark Warriors!

Today we logged on Sub Zero to battle the Ice Warriors! Unfortunately, Waterkid (who has nothing else better to do with his time because he’s a no life) and his friends decided to sabotage event with bots. I’ll be having the last laugh when we smack LT so, he can have his fun while it lasts. I couldn’t care less. I’d like to thank all Dark Warriors that attended. Mods who did not attend this event are in risk of demotion. We maxed 20.

CPAC: We weren’t able to take any pictures due to the bots running around and covering all of our tactics. We tried moving rooms multiple times, but they followed.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader