Dark Warriors Poll of the Week: Will you be at our HUGE event?






8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST, 1:00am GMT

Server: Frosty

Location: Snowforts


The Ascension Date





\The Dark Warriors will officially recommence all operations May 17th 2015 (date subject to change if not deemed fit)


In a joint establishment between myself, Toy and Ambrosha, we envision May 20th to be the adequate date to re-boot the army. The “hibernation”  allowed the DW administrative to refresh themselves, and to think hypothetically on how we could conquer the community just as we did last year. There were many other reasons as to why a lock-down was deemed necessary but those should be the two regarded as the most important.

Nobody was oblivious to the fact that Dark Warriors had a steep fall at the beginning of this year. Mainly because our leadership was riddled with unsolved dilemmas, which carried on to mass instability.  A  consistent leadership had not been ingrained since months before hand. In metamorphic terminology, the Dark Warriors leadership had become a game of musical chairs. 

While I do not retract my statement of not being involved in the decisions made by the leadership, I will be overseeing the rankings to be made sure they stay at a certain prestige. I believe that working for a rank in the community today is a lost cause – and has been for some time. With DW’s re-opening, we hope to exemplify on how a fair ranking system breeds loyalty, another aspect of which the community is sorely lacking in.

I have high hopes and expectations for the upcoming regime, and so should you. However, be of a mindset that the leadership can only pave the path in which DW heads. it is up to you, the troops to fill the energy capacity required for the army to move forward.

The Dark Warriors were never dead, and our quick uprising shall only prove that. 

Bells are ringing, bells are ringing..

The Return is coming…

It’s Official – I’ve been in DW for one year.

Hello, DW.

It’s been exactly one year since I joined DW. I can’t thank you guys enough for how the ride has been so far, but keep in mind – it’s not even halfway over.

My first post on DW site:


One thing that motivated me quite a bit was the CPAC comments. Many people commented things that were against me, they thought I wasn’t “up for the job”. Obviously, I had to prove them wrong. Not doing so would make them right, and make me someone who let people down. 

“DW Leadership keeps on adding more crappy leaders to their army, this is sad. I expect them to at least stay with Spi,11,Yo yo(How the %&#* did this guy get in it),Freezie, and the rest but now Toy? How is the 2ic ranks who were in DW before Yoyo and Toy not have the chance to lead DW.”

“60+ LOL armies can barly get 60+ now a days with out editing pics be carful dw might be the next acp editing pics”

“Everyone knows Toy has done no where near anything I have done for DCP. He got DCP leader while we were 2nd on the top 10, what did he do, lead DCP from 2nd to 1st? He does the job of a moderator (autotypes for 3 hours) lol and don’t reply to me with your essays cause you’re irrelevant and I won’t even waste my time replying back”

“How about this, guarantee that the current DCP leadership could destroy DW’s short term hype and make you all ragequit within a 5 day period lol”

The CPAC Post/Motivation: 


Thanks, guys. It’s been a great year. Now how about we set off for another great one?

-Xxtoysoldier DW Legend


Hello, DW.

I am currently remaking a few things that will change DW almost as a whole. I want your opinions on what you want in the new DW.

Things we have changed so far:



Comment below with what you think would be a good idea to add into the new DW. It could range from anything to new site graphics to a new rank, or a new uniform to different battle times. Be creative.

Are You Ready?

Hello, DW.

We are still not opening for a month or two, but I want to be sure:

Are you ready for us? We need you, the soldier, to join us when we reopen. There’s no exact date and time yet, but all I ask for you is to be ready.