Tomorrow’s War Plans

Tomorrow will be just like today, only we will defend more than invade. Today the Water Vikings invaded our Capital server, Frosty, 30 minutes before we invaded one of their’s and they did this on purpose so we wouldn’t be able to defend, because they’re COWARDS, and are afraid of a good fight. They said they wanted to face us 1v1, and then they make times that are unreasonable for us to attend lol.

So anyways, tomorrow will look like this:

DW & RPF will defend Fog at 3:30 PM EST.

DW, DCP, & RPF will invade Frosty back at 6:00 PM EST.

IW will defend Ice Palace from the irrelevant Dark Bandits also at 6:00 PM EST.

You’re spent, WV. This war was over before it started. Look at you before the war and look at you now. You were doing 10x better, and already you’re beginning to decline. If I were you I’d just give up your nation to the NDA and admit defeat in this war, because there’s no going back.

Burn The Light.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader


Everyone Attend The Invasion Of Frosty Tomorrow

The invasion of Frosty tomorrow may be one of the biggest battles in our history. All Dark Warriors MUST attend to regain our capital. The entire NDA will be helping us in regaining Frosty from the Water Vikings. You all MUST WEAR WHITE at this battle, it is our alliance color. Dark Warriors and New Dawn Alliance forever.

Additions To The Great DW Empire

Today, we invaded two servers from the evil Water Vikings, including helping RPF to invade one of their own. We took Cloudy and Chinook earlier today, and helped RPF in taking Klondike. Me and RPF Leader, Serpent, agreed to share the server Klondike 50% because we helped boost their sizes to have an edge over WV.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader

One By One

The Water Vikings are slowly falling apart.

They might have taken our capital, but we have taken 5 servers from the Water Vikings already. WV thinks the New Dawn Alliance will fall apart, but they’re wrong. The NDA had a pretty successful day, and tomorrow we will be taking back Frosty at full force.

I just attended an RPF battle, and WV was small. They’re the ones falling apart without them even realizing it. They’re using size exaggeration to make themselves feel somewhat relevant.

You might as well give up now WV, your servers will be ours. Soon, you will just be a rogue army like the Nachos (no offense), and I can’t wait to see the day.

Dark Warriors and New Dawn Alliance forever.

-Agent 11 – Dark Warriors President


Hello, Dark Warriors!

Today the Dark Warriors logged on to invade Chinook from the Water Vikings, and we did great! We got a solid 35+ on CP with some great tactics! The Water Vikings were too scared to show up (they even said they were going to battle us first LOL)! Before we know it, their entire nation will belong to the New Dawn Alliance. Dark Warriors forever.


-Agent 11 – Dark Warriors President


Mod And Owner Spreadsheet Update


If you can’t/couldn’t attend an event, just PC me the reason on the chat or in a comment on this post.