Hello Dark Warriors!

In 2 days we have a Semi-Finals battle with Water Vikings. I want everyone to be recruiting and active as much as it’s possible for you. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to come online tomorrow or on Sunday. I live in Poland and during the All Saints’ Day (1st of November) we visit the graves of our dead family members. Usually, people need to ride to another city. I’m leaving today with my family and I’m returning on Sunday afternoon (4pm GMT), so it’s 4 hours before event. Toy and Freezie decided to not rejoin DW. I understand them. They just don’t have time/motivation like they had before. I won’t be able to come to tomorrow’s event, but we need to do it, because we had only one. I’m busy with my life right now, but I’m doing my best to keep DW from falling. I believe that other leaders, owners, mods and of course YOU troops can do this. I wish that I would be able to stay at home, but I just can’t. That’s all, remember DW FOREVER.


Dark Warriors Leader


I don’t know about you..


I am not rejoining the Dark Warriors. Despite the opposing thoughts in my mind, I must contain my composure. I am never returning to armies.

Club Penguin was my childhood, and it always will be. However, those days are gone and I have to move on. Understand that I obviously still care about this game and DW, however I simply cannot remain in armies. Armies do not give me the same *click* that it did a few months ago. I am literally so intruiged with the past, that everytime I rejoin DW I declare war on the same people. I even wrote a declaration of war on DCP last night without out even looking into concerns of other people & leaders, or even recognizing the slump that it would place in my path. My addiction with this game is simply over… 

Many of you will begin to realize that armies are not worth dedicating your time into. It’s almost like deciding on whether to be with your friends or do homework; doing both achieves the fulfillment of accomplishing something, but one has to be done. I am sorry for the confusion, and hopefully the small rise in our U.S division will give you guys a head start for the future.

Go ahead, tell me how I will only keep rejoining. But with that in mind, note I am the only one who will admit that I cannot control my actions very well.

Whether or not this makes an impact on how people think of me, I do not care. DW will always be the best, with or without me, with or without Freezie.

Burn the Light.


The Expansion of Dw Empire

Hello Dw,

As many of you know recently a smap army hawks merged into the great dw empire and therefore it has granted us with 5 of its servers here is the post


as a result our empire has increased the following server have been granted to DW nation





  • TEA



Winning the champions cup

Hello Dw,

I wasn’t able to post lately due to my internet issue but now its time to get serious.We had been working hard before but some of us started slacking off which resulted in fall.Although toy/freezie had returned they both are great legends and pro at fixing dw but still we can’t be lazy right now they might be or possibly fix it but there is no fix until we all decide to do it.Champions cup event is on sunday and till then I want us to stand to the top.Now coming to point I want each one of you to work and recruit more than ever because without it win isn’t possible.We have some bad memories from legends cup but now we remove ’em all we win this cup for toy and freezie and make them proud so now I expect to see a change in mod/owners lets rise to the top.

~Dark Warriors President






Times: 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM PST, 12:00 AM GMT

SERVER: Frosty – ROOM: Iceberg


Best of wishes.

Hello DW!

I’m here to tell all of you good luck especially toy and freezie. Although I’m very busy irl (I visit chat once or twice a month) < that’s if I can

best of wishes.


Attend tomorrow’s battle!!

Tomorrow we have a very important event on CP. Every Dark Warrior is required to attend in order to be promoted. I know I haven’t been on in quite some time, however this is a quick message.

I know we will do good for our first training, burn the light!