Operation – Overdouse

Hello Dark Warriors,

I speak to you as your commander, once again. Since Toysoldier and I’s respective retirements in the Summer the Dark Warriors have undergone oblivion, but so too has this community.

In returning, I have always been stronger than before. However, this time I am quite skeptical. I must admit, returning to this community is a risk in terms of my reputation. The community is undoubtably the lowest it has ever been, and all morals have been seemingly vaporized. It’s noted, if you can’t take risks, you can’t change anything.

My responsibility and goal is no longer the conventional ‘return, make DW rise, leave again’ it is now to restore this community to what it once was. I cannot do it alone, I can only pave the way and influence people to try and change.

My return is not only for the Dark Warriors, it is for this community. We must evaluate ourselves once more, we must accept that this is a time period where only the true legends can rejuvenate what was once a golden community.

The Dark Warriors in recent are the perfect manifestation of what this community has become. Now that I am leader again, I plan to make us the prime army again. The army that leads by example, and the army that will win the Champions Cup.


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