Thank You To:

Everyone involved in the final generation of DW.
Shoutout to TiroDoragon. He stayed from the literal beginning to the literal end.


The Rains of Frosty

It has gone on for too long.

I sincerely apologize for the minuscule (in comparison to every other scandal) controversy about me in the last month. The fact remains, DW has been disintegrated for months now. I may have multi-logged for 10 minutes, but the Dark Warriors have hogged the 9th or 10th spot for consecutive months, and for our army of our stature; that simply isn’t good enough.

Who’s fault is it? Every single one of us. We were too proud, our pride deluded what was actually set in stone. The Dark Warriors were truly finished after 2014. We had achieved so much, that there was no longer a motive for anything else to be achieved.

Legends like Drake, Pufpuf103, Xiunknown, Vo Yo, SaW, and all of those who have made 2014 moved on a very long time ago. Xxtoysoldier and I revived the Dark Warriors in May 2015, and while together we were formidable, I don’t think it was worth it.

For those who have stayed around until the bitter end, I applaud you. Your loyalty is a trait that is not only rare in armies today, but in the real world. In a community today where the mentalities largely consist of bipolar, treason and giving up easily, you stuck until the inevitable end.

I thank you all, and I hope life rewards you for your virtues.

The Dark Warriors died a long time ago, but so too did the honor and integrity of this community. 

The Fallacy of a Preclude

*DW is not and never will be related to NR. They are not the “new DW”.

I was wrong.

Dear God, I was wrong, but I realize my mistakes. And those realizations will build a foundation stronger than anything, which is the correction of error in our futures.

Do not tell me I didn’t give you a chance. I placed an ultimatum for a reason, and what was the response?


And so we pull the trigger a week early

In early 2015, the Dark Warriors were marked as dead by xiunknown, and DW creator Ambrosha. I was one of the many to stand up, and I was one of the few to not sit back down. Many people today agree with my decisions, and many people today look up to them. However, the Dark Warriors should have remained as they were, and I sincerely wish I was not included with the revival of the Dark Warriors.

What exactly have we accomplished in 2015? The Dark Warriors are a target of bias, and are not improving with the absence of a legend in the leadership. In fact, the Dark Warriors are deteriorating without the presence of a legend. There are no people in DW, currently, who know how to keep an army at the top, consistently, despite the hard work and training we have offered & provided them. Our website is becoming decreasingly active, and our event results are even more bleak. It’s impossible to hide.

DW website statistics:

The DW website views are very conclusive. We are falling. We have very bad views on our website, meaning that overall activity has been falling drastically.

CPAC’s Top Ten Results 2015:


January: A legend (me and others) led DW.

February: I believe a few legends quit, causing DW to fall but still remain in the top 3.

March-April: DW closed.

May-August: DW was led by Freezie66 and I, I believe, seeing our last 1st position.

September-December: DW has never seen 1st again, due to a lack of legends.

Instead of participating in a Club Penguin army, which I highly recommend, I suggest you engage in something more active: such as going out with friends, reading books, learning instruments, playing sports. It all counts. I can tell you right now the only thing I gained from Club Penguin Armies is a stronger political standpoint, and I agree – I’m going to use it in the future. However, I have noticed people aren’t here for real-life benefits. It seems as if most people are here simply to “be-here”. If you don’t have something to do, get out. In DW, when you go in, you go all in.

There is no going back. We have been given many chances, and those chances have been wasted. I will not allow this army to be laughed at because I am not here. I will not allow this army to be masked from what it really is. We are the strongest army, and we will go out with bold confidence.

In conclusion, the Dark Warriors cannot sustain themselves at an acceptable standard without the inclusion of a legend such as Xxtoysoldier, Freezie66, Drake, Spi etc..

And with that being said..

Consider this a quick an painless end, as without exception – everyone (historically) will die out within years. And for what can be accomplished in a year, simply isn’t worth it.

In the sole engraving of our names, whether it is I, Xxtoysoldier: Freezie66, Drake, Puf, xiunknown, SaW, or Ambrosha – we officially put the Dark Warriors to an end. Our legacy however, remains.

I am sorry for trying to provide a dishonest route to our inevitable pleasant end.

And for that, I am the epitome of hypocrisy. And my decisions stand strong.

We burn the light.


-Xxtoysoldier, DW Legend

US EVENT 12/29

Good Job DW! Even though it was a short notice because nobody was hyping we did great! We maxed 19(so close to 20!!) with ok tactics. We need to work on them but overall in this event we did pretty good 🙂 Pics Below(sorry pics were pixelated i was on my small laptop lol)





12/29 PB With RPF

We maxed 20. I’m proud of DW for putting up a great fight! Congratulations to RPF for winning! I expect all DW to be giving their 110% for DW to be big!!hrydkescgzrwivjqwylzthccz5glvny915n

My Ultimatum


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