A Day in DW History – 2014 Champions Cup


In 2014, the Dark Warriors won the 2014 Champions’ Cup. There were many great battles commanded by myself and Pufpuf103, but my favorite was the one against Elmikey’s RPF.

Context: Elmikey had been removed from DW 2 months prior to the battle, and after completely failing a war against us, he decided to go all out in this Tournament Battle.

rpf surrendering

Elmikey’s RPF surrendering

The battle took place on October 5th, 2014.


Dark Warriors Prebattle

Dark Warriors agreed to be blue for the battle, while RPF had agreed to be red


The battle:


DW = E9 RPF = E6




DW Lockouts



After the battle, Elmikey ragequit RPF, joined Light Troops in another attempt to take DW down…

only to be smacked in the Christmas Chaos finals months later…

but that’s a story for another day!


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