You’re right, but you’re also wrong.

I did multilog Ooodledoodle on Sunday. I have no shame whatsoever.

You, the army leaders who are reading this, you do the same. You’ve been exposed much more than I have.

People like Apollo will comment “GG DW” yet, he’s been caught for much worse than this. Is anybody really surprised by his hypocrisy though? He tried to call out Sprite for his appearance.

I am also retired. And was at the time of the tournament battle. Implicating Dark Warriors for punishment instead of myself further proves how CPAC/WV want to eliminate competition for WV in the Christmas Chaos. Not that it means anything anyway lmao, no other army will max 20.

CPAC = bullshit, impartial news site. It’s been that way since the Blue Brothers left, it always will be that way when half of the executive are related to WV. I’ve known this since the battle in August where DW clearly beat WV, but somehow lost.

CPAC mentioned that they want to remove me from their legends nominations? You think, I honestly care? You’re going to take me off it for multilogging, yet you recently inducted somebody who had more scandals than us all. That honestly says a lot about your credibility, and how much you contradict yourselves. Your legends page means nothing anyway, it hasn’t since Flipmoo got legend.

This community means nothing anymore. I condone multilogging, rebel from the incognito governing body that is known as CPAC. They’re the failures of this community, not those who multilog. They have had the influence of armies for a long time, and have never acted.

As for you Anna, I literally never said anything bad about you, nor am I even in some online relationship with Madi. I asked you to stay out of my life 2 months ago, and I’ll ask you again. I could say 100 bad things about you here, but, honestly, i don’t care.

Also DrMatt, my life will always be better than somebody who has spent as much money as you have on Club Penguin Armies. I’ll log off this, and actually enjoy myself unlike yourself. If you think this has any impact on me personally whatsoever, then you clearly don’t know me. I’m doing this for the Dark Warriors and their troops. I don’t care about CP armies.


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