Army Retarded

AR have multilogged more than me. I did it one event with one penguin, they did it for years on several penguins. There is posts on CPAC that prove this, unfortunately AR’s legends (who maxed 35 their entire career with these multilogs) don’t have the balls to admit it.

Proteus, aren’t you that kid who led AR to 10 and surrendered to RPF after Burr/Vinny stopped holding your hands whilst my DW thrived in 2013? And AR will be destroyed, myself and the other DW leaders are getting ready. You’ve had help from Nachos/WV today, DW’s size is 100% our own army.

Not to mention you multilogged like hell, and I don’t care if that’s ironic. Your CP sized overlapped your chat size at times.


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  1. […] surrounding both armies, The Army Republic and the Dark Warriors have been throwing multilogging accusations back and forth at each other. While there has been mild proof on both army’s sites, could […]

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