Burr’s going mad

Good job Dark Warriors! Our recent decisive victories have sent Burr into several rage posts on the AR website.

I multilogged once, as your 50 posts about it have clarified. If I’m crying about multilogging, only God knows what you’re doing about it.

You and your fellow commanders were proven to be multi-logging for years in a sole CPAC post.

As we all know, Burr is a small person. In both metamorphic terms and as a physical human being. He is a nobody in this community, he led AR to 35 max with his multi-logs, his leading companion Vinny even called him out for being a joke months ago.

Burr will log 6 penguins and then in a pathetic attempt try to say it is DW framing them despite me showing evidence of my full screen. Once he sees my evidence, he’ll take back that claim and say those multi-logs were real troops.

Sorry for not being able to get online today by the way. I will be today (Thursday), good work at the invasions!


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