New Leader

Hello Dark Warriors! On this day,(12/23/15) I, Red am your new leader. I’m very excited to be a leader in the Dark Warriors. I’ve been waiting a while for this and I’m pretty happy I’m finally getting the chance to become the leader of the Dark Warriors. I’m going to do my best to rise DW to its former glory, and I need all troops to help on this rise!

There are some things I will be changing during my leadership which will be listed below.

1. NO Multilogging.

  Multilogging also includes cheating in any form (editing pictures, ddosing other leaders, doxing other armies troops).Anybody caught cheating  under my leadership will be fired and banned forever on chat. I don’t want another oodledoodle incident. I’m not going to condone multilogging at all.

2. The amount of penguins needed to made every week.

Owners are required to make 15 penguins a week. Mods are required to make 10 per week. This resets on sunday. You must meet these goals or you risk a demotion. I will be keeping track of your penguins with a draft on site. Owners don’t need to worry about recruiting, leaders will handle it. Tiro and I will be enforcing this rule. This will start on sunday but you should make penguins when asked to by leaders.

3. Hiring 

To hire an owner, both leaders must agree. To hire a mod , only 1 of the leaders must accept. Owners can not hire mods. To hire a leader, at least 50% of DW must approve of this leader, we can’t have leaders that everybody hates.

4. Welcoming Troops

I’ve seen lots of troops come on for 5 minutes, and as nobody welcomes them they leave. This is not acceptable in the Dark Warriors and I’m going to be enforcing this rule. We need DW to rise as much as possible so everybody must welcome new recruits!

5. Chat Rules

I’ve noticed that the rules of the chat have been gone. New recruits won’t know how to act! Idk whose going to fix it honestly but it’s going to either be me or tiro but if not we’ll hire someone. Pc me on xat if you’re interested.

6. Troop of the Month

I’ll be bringing back troop of the month. This will encourage hard work in DW. The winner of the troop of the month gets a promotion to the next chat rank for a day.

7. Game Night

This is a fun night that happens at random! I can giveaway xats and powers and we play fun games while we’re doing it! This will include

  • Town Of Salem
  • Gamebans
  • atWar
  • Gamebot with Xats on it

I will also be doing igloo contests, where you enter a picture of your igloo and the winner gets a prize!

8. Unbanning people on chat

I’ve had several people complaining to be unbanned on DW chat. PC me on XAT or leave a comment down below asking to be unbanned from DW chat. You won’t be unbanned if you’re an enemy, a troll,  or banished from DW.

9. Hiring (pt 2.)

We’re hiring mods and owners. Pc me or tiro on xat. The chat link is .

All troops must abide by these rules. They must be followed to be sure that DW can get as much as possible.  I encourage past Dark Warriors to rejoin. This is the rise.

That’s about it! I’m very excited to be your leader!

dw head

We burn the light
– Red Dark Warriors Leader





10 Responses

  1. unban me pls red!

  2. Congrats ❤

  3. unban me tiro abused on me for tfa spoilers

  4. Great! Now red is the quickiest one to get leader! fml

  5. Hey Red un-ban me please

    • Get in banpool

  6. Congrats Red! You were a great mod/owner when I was in DW. Keep up the good work! Burn the light!

  7. Congratulations, Red! 😛

  8. Congratz

  9. Gj Red! (;

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