Night Warriors vs Army of Club Penguin

History repeats itself.

Be here Tuesday, NW.


Practice Battle VS Nachos[BATTLE VIDEO]

Club Penguin NW


Join the Night Warriors of CP! Club Penguin NW is the best on Club Penguin, currently, and we aren’t going to stop here. We have very fun battles and events that take place on Club Penguin daily, and without our soldiers we would render ourselves as nothing.

Join the fun, join the Night Warriors.



NW The Battle of Cozy – RESULTS!

Hello NW! The Golds failed to show up for battle so we decided to raid RPF’s battle vs the Nachos and AR. It was an intense battle but NW proved to come out on top! Comment if you came and you will be considered for a promotion. Outstanding work at tactics. MIGHT OF THE NIGHT! ~Drake, NW Leader. 

Toy Edit: We maxed around 33.


-Xxtoysoldier Immortal NW Leader

Battle Video

Battle Video for Return Event

NW USA U-Lead Event – Results

Hello, Night Warriors. We logged on Club Penguin again after our successful reopening to train our new recruits. We were amazing right off the bat and are now prepared to battle against our adversaries tomorrow. Our comrades in the Nachos will help us devise an assault plan. Come to chat at during our battles tomorrow. Remember to welcome new recruits into our growing empire. Might of the Night. ~ Drake, NW Leader.

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