CPA Central

Hey! You know how everyone’s trying to get Club Penguin armies back into the Golden Age? Well a lot of people agree that something that really helped Club Penguin armies back in the Golden Ages were army news sites. There aren’t really any around nowadays, so I decided to start one. It’s called…

CPA Central


The site is run by:

Woton – Creator of site, main news dude, FW Leader

Puckley – Secondary news dude, Nachos Co-leader

Pringle – Graphics design dude, FW Leader

CPA Central provides accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, upcoming battles and more. It strides to be only factual, and does not usually post opinions, simply facts. CPA Central is one of the only remaining Club Penguin Army News sites remaining. It’s goals are to: provide readers with an accurate news description of the latest events in Club Penguin armies, provide opinions when needed and help to bring Club Penguin Armies back into the Golden age.

CPA Central may be accepting job applications soon!

Make sure to check out the site daily, as it will be posting the latest Club Penguin Army News every day!


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