Dance Puppets Dance

Vendetta: What more do they want. We have given them Icicle, with a catch of course. The majority are saying we won and some are even saying it was a tie. Ganger just because you were leader and think you’re some great leader, does that give you the right to claim victory all the time. Last time you were the only one that accepted defeat;Thought you were different. I thought Alighf was egotistic, but you’re even worse….Would you stop crying if we said it was a tie and you can still keep Icicle? *haha* Good luck explaining that to ACP…

Korei3: Just to inform you all, Fw is merging into Nachos. Too read the post go here Goodbye Fire Warriors. And also Ganger said that they will keep fighting us because we cant exepct a loss 🙄

Vendetta: Actually they most likely used FW troops. In their pictures they had someone named “Mcnuggetboy” and he’s not even an OR troop, but he is in FW…

Tombs Edit: I know it seems unlikely, but I think OR got ACP to help them. Again this is just a theory. But I saw A penguin named “Fort59″ Is this any relation to Fort57? And I saw another named “ACP Rocks” So again JUST A THEORY

Hey O.R. this post is for you. You guys clearly lost, but you wanted Icicle and now you can have it. It’s not use having to fight over a server. I can already tell we’re both very stubborn. While I will admit your army is pretty big, I must say we won. We were winning during the beginning and and the middle, but for some strange reason you guys grew towards the end and out-numbered us. Thekid seems to believe that the end is what matters. I must say you are WRONG. Any noob can stay for hours on a server and eventually tire the opposing army out. This is what you did. We got bored and were tired out,You guys have great endurance, but you cannot do this; This is the noob way.

I must stay I am a skeptic. We clearly had more on our chat than you did. I’m guessing you guys called some people to help and that is how you had so many. But I do not have any proof of this so I will not dabble into this matter too much and it will remain a theory.

I am not going to complain and make excuses on your site. This is the only time I will say we won.

Also I noticed that you guys had 90 active but not many came to this event. I also saw that you guys don’t nearly get as many hits as an army of your size would normally attain. Heck we even get more hits then you. That’s why I believe with every ounce of my soul that you guys mostly consist of FW or call on some form of assistance to help you out. This cannot continue. You cannot rely on them forever.

But hey we’re being nice. You can have Icicle. We are keeping Snow Board and we will not trade. Maybe to mock us you can make Icicle your capital as we will make Snow Board ours. I hope this fighting can cease. I do not want to fight any longer.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention, Icicle belongs to ACP. Good luck with that. What can I say this was our plan all along. You can choose to believe it or not. We didn’t exactly plan to win, but when I realized we would I was going to drop Icicle. But since you guys are so very kindly claiming it we’ll give it to you. Now you know why the post is named the way it is. Keep on dancing….Don’t take this into offense, we just wanted a good laugh and we had a very smart plan…

-I pull the strings-



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