Huzzah my Brethren

My Response to Cookies: CRY SOAUME MOAREEAE And BTW Ganger retired from FW and This war is a strict no allies war.

Vendetta: For one Tomb they are not “noobs”; together I believe they may be able to rival FW. You do not understand because you have not seen them. Secondly removing people from the ranks can only be done with an active count. The way you are describing is most unfair

Hello NW, You may not know me, but I am a leader of NW. Anyways to the point, A noob army decided to claim Slushy there own. And the leader of this army is Ganger90. They are named OR. Click Here for there site. Anyways, this is unacceptable. So With the powers invested in me, The Night warriors of Club Penguin Officially Declare war on the Orange Rebels. Now We don’t have an exact time, but I expect 10+ people there. If your not there you are going to be removed from ranks.

I’m sure this is some sort of misunderstanding, but to clear up this misunderstanding we will officially re-claim the server Slushy. Since we share Slushy with DW, I will ask them for their help. Note we are not using DW as an ally, they are merely helping reclaim our shared server.

“Live free or don’t at all,”


Leaders Signatures in proposal for war:

X Tomb147


X Korei3- Black Panthers might help us 😆


X Circa- DW Main Leader


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