I am Sorry

Vendetta: Agreed; we are 3 leaders not one. We should agree on these sort of matters.

First off, I am very sorry. I apologize to everyone in this army. To all the leaders and to all the soldiers. I have been neglecting NW and I apologize I haven’t been as active due to unavoidable reasons, but I promise to work even harder on things. Now to the New leader debate. Here is what I think:

  • Having Gwami/woton as a new leader would be not good as in the fact that there are other soldiers who have worked harder, and deserve that position. This does not mean I am saying they have no experience.
  • We will have some problems concerning activeness
  • And they just joined.

Now, I think gwami and woton are very good leaders, HOWEVER it does not mean that we bow down to them as in they are like “saviors” Because in rea;iy its not.. Heck, I don’t even agree that korei gave them an owner rank. And once again korei acted without consulting other leaders. This MUST be solved.



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