Leaders Meeting Results

Vendetta: Well I’ll try to be biased in my response. First off, korei don’t get mad when something doesn’t go your way. I mean quitting everytime something like this happens is wrong. And Tomb be a bit nicer with your responses. Confront korei personally and tell him “what” and “why” to your problems. Be civilized. This could have been avoided. Both are to blame. But hey, this has happened before. Sometimes you have to apoligize and reach some sort of compromise. Tomb please respect Korei and Korei do the same.

Korei3: I quit. Fuck you Tomb 😉 I guess sence nobody wants me as a Leader, Tomb, now you finally got your way. But Cookies might ask me too re-join and get mad at you (no offence to you Cookies) So I guess this is Good Bye my little creation… Tomb, disrespect me again, you will have so much hell to pay 😉 I might come back after a while. Maybe then I will have the respect I deserve…

P.S: Cookies respond to this. And Tomb, go ahead and curss me out on a Edit 🙄

Tomb: Do you see the communism? Korei thinks he is the only one in charge. So me and Cookies are just monkey slaves? I don’t think so. So if you want to fire me korei go ahead. But you will be digging NW’s own grave. And for those of you who disagree with korei Comment ALL your feelings. Cussing is aloud |-). Btw, I’m in 8th grade and I have Algebra I and Pre-AP everything. And you don’t see ME complaining. I have a back-up site guyz so don’t worry.
Korei3: (to all of Nw) My computer just broke. I wont have it back for about a month and my parents are always on the desktop. At 5 my dad played poker untill about 6:30. Thats why I wasent able to make it. Im Sorry. And Vick, I just started 8th grade and I missed a whole week. Thats alot of hard work. And on top of that I have normal homework from like 4 classes. Once I get my computer back I will be as active as I can. And Tomb, maybe if you show me some respect I will try to do things. I LET you be a Leader. And if your gonna be a Di*k face like that I will not hessiate to fire you… And you act like your the best all the time. Really? Your just a kiss a**. And dont go on chat and start curssing & bitching at me. I dont care if the rules say I cant fire you. I have had enough of your bull sh*t.

Vendetta: The meeting was short notice. I could not make it because you have to give me a proper day’s notice. Also I don’t have a computer currently so I rely on other sources.

Well considering NO OTHER leaders went except me, I had to do the next best thing. Consult the soldiers. Since Vick44 was the only one there I asked him the topics. Before you judge, Vick  is one of the most loyal soldiers out here. And we are his main army. Thats right. So, as a reward of being one of the best soldiers, I am giving Vick44 a Promotion. So if you have something to say about this, To bad. He’s the only one who comes to battles and stuff. Now here is what me and Vick discussed:

  • Promotions, and Wars.: I asked Vick what army he thinks we should go to war with. He responded, “RPF” and I quite frankly i don’t disagree. I also asked him how often promos should be given out. He said “Every month and after a MAJOR war.” I agreed.
  • Getting more active: I think the way to get more soldiers to come on to chat is to schedule more and more activities, such as PB’s Wars, Training sessions etc. Vick said that promos would be a good way to motivate our troops
  • And finally, The topic of if we should have 3 or  4 leaders. He said 3 and he also left this comment in the Complaints page.

“my complaint is korei, he acts as though hes the only leader and I have not seen him at any battles.”

Hmm. I wonder how the rest of the troops feel. This is Definately something to discuss next time.

For Cookies and Korei: I am very frustrated you didn’t attend. I mean it was a 5 minute meeting for christs sake.

Live free or don’t at all



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