Leaders Meeting

Vendetta: Funny Korei. Actually I know who he is, please read my posts carefully so you don’t make a fool of yourself (too late for that). Anyways what I meant is he has not been in many armies or has he been in an army for a very long time. Sure he is a high rank in some armies, but that’s recent. It’s funny how you say he has “ALOT of experience” when he doesn’t…

Korei3: This election I was talking about was not going to be in the near future. Maybe like a month or so away, Ok? And my computer just broke and I have to send it in, AGAIN! to be fixed. I will be at the meeting tonight but I wont be that active. And Gwami has ALOT of experience Kong. You just dont know who he is 😆

I am calling this meeting for various reasons.

  • First off I haven’t seen Korei nor Vendetta on any chat in a long time. So I miss dem :((except korei)
  • We need to discuss some serious issues. Such as, Promotions, Activities, Wars and other armies mergng into us.
  • Get more active. I know I have shared in the inactivity but I am here to reverse it.
  • And to discuss why we should not have 4 leaders.


Leaders Meeting.


Saturday, September 26


5:00 cst.

6:00 est.

Those are all the times I know so figure your own time (WARY)

Leaders please sign below if you can make it.


Live free or don’t at all

-Tomb147 nw Leader.


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