Pages that must be updated

Kong236: Thank you. Glad to see someone other than me doing something.

Cowboysfan13: I’ve udpated all of the ranks besiders the Leader,Co-Leader,and Ambassador.

Since the merge occurred we have had to move everything from our old site onto this newly constructed one. This post is basically a reminder and motivation to “update’ the pages. We have a new name. We are making a new uniform. We need to change these pages to adjust to this new army. Please anyone of owner rank feel free to help. Actually you are ordered to help. This job is not left to only the leader to do; everyone must carry this load. Here are the pages that must be adjusted and how they must be changed and who is suggested to do it:

  • Ranks: We need to add the old NW ranks onto our own (Cowboysfan).
  • Uniform: The Leaders will have to decide on how we will present ourselves(Leaders).
  • NW Empire: We will have to decide on what servers and to keep or maybe to add some new ones. We must also add the allies and enemies. Do not do the Constitution; that’s a job left to me alone (Cowboysfan or any Leader).
  • Join: Someone must monitor it daily (Any owner)
  • Chat: Add the old NW chat onto there. Also Cowboysfan please can you inform one of our leaders of the password to this chat (I forgot it) (Cowboysfan)

Now get to work. We need this site up and running.

~Live and let live~ Kong236


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