War is upon us

Vendetta: Well Ganger, the O.R. Leader, basically gave us back Slushy. Some of you may think there are no reasons for war, right? You are correct that is why we will be invading their capital server Snow Board instead. Ganger it is still 24 hour notice if you are able to tell time, which I doubt. I have private chatted you with this information. If you do not fight then we will take your server.

Yes it is time. War is now on the menu. While looking through the D.P.R. site or as the call themselves now O.R. (Orange Rebels) we were shocked to find out they had claimed a server that was not theirs to claim, Slushy. They must now pay for their ignorance. We must declare war to take back what is ours. They cannot go un-dealt with.

There will be terms to this war, as there always has been (to the extent of my knowledge). We each will use one ally, and one ally only.

We will strike first; We will strike hard. Here it is:

Date: Monday, August 17th


7:00pm EST

6:00pm CST

5:00pm MST

4:00pm PST

Location: Snow Board, Snowforts

Who: N.W., D.W., chosen ally vs OR and their chosen ally.

Forgot to mention that not only does this server belong to N.W. it belongs to D.W. D.W.(Dark Warriors) does not count as an ally since they are defending their server as well. If they happen to show up at the same time and place think nothing of it.

Why: Simply to re-claim a sever that was ours to begin with.

OR and NW will fight at the Snowforts and Fw and DW will fight at the Iceberg.


This might determine who receives a promotion and who doesn’t


-Live and let live-



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