A Conflift

Today ACP raided the server Matterhorn, which is owned by NW. Now, before I go into details, remember that rebellion that was made against NW? Well, we had reasonable proof that Mchappy of ACP had alot to do with it. Well, today he strengthened our suspicions when he led a direct attack on the NW Empire. Now, we aren’t so quick to start a war over this, because Mchappy isn’t the ACP leader. Although Mchappy apparently thinks otherwise. I will talk to Bob (ACP Leader) about what happened. Here are some pics of the things Mchappy said after we confronted him.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the authority to do that.


Not that easy. 😉

As a retaliation, we raided the ACP server Hibernate. It was just some payback for what Mchappy did.

And to Mchappy, You don’t scare me, nor do you scare NW. If you mess with the bull, you’ll get messed up.



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