*NOTE* This is CP Dark!

You might have seen our recruiters on Club Penguin! Well you’ve found the right website to join the legendary Night Warriors Army!

Stand with us, and join our cause! CP will be safe under us.

Just fill out and submit this form once, and you’re done! You’ll be on our ranks page (click here) within two days after submission.


cangurito-nuevo copy

*Note* The Leader of NW are Xxtoysoldier, Drake, and Verum.


Night Warriors Uniform

EPF Agent Gear Code: EPFAGENT

TIE Fighter Pilot Costume Code: BARONFEL

Hiking  Backpack Code: FERIASCP

Wear our uniform at all battles and events. The times for these battles and events can be found at the top of the website.



-Xxtoysoldier Immortal NW Leader


3 Responses

  1. Club Penguin name: Pinkie087

    Will you be at our next Club Penguin battle?: Maybye i have school on monday tuesday wednsday thursday and friday

    Will you use the NW chat box during battles for orders?: yes

    Lastly, do you pledge allegiance and loyalty to NW?: I pledge

    Which branch do you choose: Marines, Airforce or Navy? : Navy

  2. that sure is alot

  3. What server is the battle on?

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