Mission Accomplished

50’s second edit: Guys, you need to comment stating that you attended the event to earn your medals.  I know more than 6 people showed up.  Medals determine if you earn a promotion or not for now on so I suggest you comment if you showed up.

50’s edit:  Great job today Night Warriors!  We maxed out at around 13 troops today!  The Night Warriors now have medals which will determine whether you earn a promotion or not, so make sure to check out the medal page.  Everyone who showed up must COMMENT and they will earn 3 medals!

Well our goal was accomplished, we wrecked the whole event. I was disappointed really. Not in us but in the armies that failed to come or maybe they were there but small enough not to even notice. We did great.

During the Tournament we fought RBA (at first), then we changed our target to HW. They defended themselves pretty well. Now we can’t can’t claim victory on a technicality. That being that we weren’t invited. But we did beat the only army that was there. We tied with RBA, also not invited.

Look at our pictures!

Good job Night Warriors.

Comment if you made the event

Shed No Tears



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