My Retirement

Hello NW. I address you today for a grim reason. I am retiring from NW today. I am afraid CP armies bore me, so it would be illogical to participate in something I do not enjoy. And I have also been neglecting NW. So I feel it would be best for me to leave. Do not worry guys, if you need some advice, I will be there for you. If you need graphics I will make them for you. I will not be retiring from xat entirely, just ALL cp armies.

Here is my Thank-you list.

Cookies- I have seen you go from uber-cAPs n00b to epic leader and awesome guy. Keep on growing, and I haven’t seen your GFX yet but I’m pretty sure they are beasty. Lead NW well. (like you have always lol)

Korei- Thanks for rejoining NW, you brought back alot of memories from the old days. Lead NW well as well.

Vick- My former apprentice, I expect you to surpass everyone one of these losers and bring NW to number 1 in cp. (jk about the losers part xD) I expect alot from you, and thanks for being a good friend.

Orange bunny, Fizzer green, Hannah, Drake8893, and everyone else in NW- You are the Present and Future of this army. Make every scheduled event, and be on chat at least 1 hour a day. You are the batter, cake mix, icing, eggs, milk and candles of this army! Stay cool, and don’t change!

I will stay as adviser of NW. I want the person to take my leader spot to Be Vick44. He deserves it and is ready to lead you guys, along with Cookies and Korei.

I wish NW the best of luck and I hope you guys will one day be #1.

Live long and prosper



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